Monday, July 08, 2013

Food Log.

Well, I'd never try to outrun anything -- stand and fight!  Like a man!

But the point is well taken.  I've been attempting to, not so much out-train a bad diet these last 5 weeks, as "Train hard, ignore diet, Look!  Beer!"  And it shows and feels it.

So, back to weekly food logs, tracking my intake, limiting unhealthier choices to once, maybe twice a week or special occasions.  Back to trying to lean out and slash some bodyfat.  


Nutritional Motivation/Nutrition is as big a deal as training.
"USA Today's For the Win is calling the Rock's daily meal plan -- for his role of as Hercules in Hercules: The Thracian War -- "INSANE." I'm not going to do that. Unless, of course, he's actually drinking lion's blood as a part of his daily routine, because that would be insane. The Rock is a big fucking guy, with globs of muscle. By my count, a 6' 5" guy, who weights 265lb. and works out every day requires over 4,000 calories just to maintain his body weight. So the fact that he eats more protein in one day than some people do in a week is not INSANE, it's maintenance. "Preserve the sexy at all costs" is what my grandmother said to me right before she died."

Gratuitous...  Cooking Photo.  Look at those great kitchen appliances.

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