Friday, July 12, 2013

Today's Internets - "You'll make gains they said."

"...the latest treasure trove of revelations published by The Guardian reveal that Microsoft has given the National Security Agency the means to bypass encryption in its products, including Skype and Outlook. We can probably assume that other American companies have similar arrangements with the NSA"

"Lamar met all the other criteria for dipping his wick elsewhere before today. He’s an NBA baller, so right there you got your 98% chance of infidelity. He’s forced to humiliate himself for his wife’s stupid reality TV show career. And, his lady’s got a little problem laying off the carbs. Faced with that backdrop, rumors of Lamar doinking a D.C. stripper seemed right on point. And, today, they appear to be sealed. With release of this video of Lamar being asked about the stripper by a paparazzi. Rather than say, oh, I don’t know, ‘I love my wife and these rumors are outrageous’, Lamar instead decided to go Mickey Rourke crazy on the paparazzi, grabbing up all his camera shit and tossing it around the streets. This reaction could mean many things. Like, Lamar is having his monthly. Or he believes that photographs are sinister inventions of the devil designed to steal his soul. But it mostly means that Lamar is cheating on Khloe."

Everybody's got a talent.

This is awesome.  UFC fighter decides to start doing charity work - Justin Wren goes from drug addict to Christian Missionary in Congo | Counterpunch -
"In of a moment of weariness five weeks ago, Justin Wren prayed to God for a sign. Wren, a multi-time state wrestling champion (in all three styles) and a two-time national champion who’d competed on The Ultimate Fighter 10 in 2009, had put a promising fighting career on hold. Now he wanted to return to the Democratic Republic of Congo for a third time this summer with enough funding to help liberate 1,000 Pygmy slaves in one year, but he was struggling to get momentum going for the cause."
...The fighter-turned-Christian missionary woke up on Feb. 28 to find more than 2,000 emails in his inbox after a two-minute cellphone video he’d posted online months earlier had gone viral overnight. In the video, a group of wide-eyed Congolese children crowd around Wren, joyfully petting him like he’s a golden retriever — the first time they’ve ever seen a white man (with arm hair no less) in their remote village. The video took off on, a social-media tracker site on Feb. 26, and aired the next night on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and the following morning on The Today Show. TMZ, Gawker, and Deadspin all picked up the warm and fuzzy clip, which got 400,000 views in the first 24 hours and is closing in on one million hits."
The "warm & fuzzy" clip = Awesome.
"As the story behind the video has spread, Wren has been inundated with requests to share it. The last month has been a whirlwind of regional, national and international TV, radio and podcast interviews; meetings with philanthropists, supply companies, publicists, film and TV producers, and literary agents (Wren has already signed on with New York’s Foundry Media and Literary Agency to pen a book with this writer about his experiences). Wren has traveled to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, sleeping in hotel rooms donated by MMA fans and on friends’ couches, so that every possible avenue could be taken to get the word out about the Pygmy plight...

The story — a universal one about helping those less fortunate — is striking a chord. So far, Wren’s raised nearly half of the $50,000 he’ll need to return to the DRC this summer to aid nine enslaved Mbutu Pygmy tribes facing starvation, inhumane persecution, and in some cases, extermination. The project is called “Fight for the Forgotten,” which through a partnership with the Congo-based Shalom University, aims to free 1,000 enslaved Pygmies in one year and relocate them to land where they’ll eventually be able to self-sustain themselves...

Wren was once among those who found it hard to imagine that slavery still exists in this day and age. It was something he didn’t quite grasp until Wren saw it with his own eyes during his previous month-long trips to the DRC in July 2011 and August 2012. The Pygmies, whose average man reaches no taller than 4-foot-9, are a people shun by the other tribes in Eastern Congo. Pygmies are often referred to as animals, said Wren, and are denied medical care, education and citizenship in their own country. Their tribes are pushed into the jungles with little to protect themselves from the elements and they become slaves when landowners claim the soil from underneath them. Deforestation has caused the wildlife to scatter, which has forced the hunter-driven Pygmies to rely upon their slave owners for survival, said Wren. It’s a firmly established caste system built on a foundation of superstition and prejudice."

"Fight For The Forgotten is a non-profit making life-altering impact in the remote parts of the Congo jungle. We are working to free the Mbuti Pygmy people from slavery and then develop sustainability. The heart of FFTF is to radically love the unloved!"

You can donate here - Donation Form

Hey look, more inaccurate health fear mongering! - CDC Admits There Is No Benefit In Reducing Salt |
"For years, we’ve been told to reduce the amount of salt in our diets but the benefits may have been exaggerated. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now says the the amount of salt taken in is no longer a substantial health hazard. The study found, “…the committee found no consistent evidence to support an association between sodium intake and either a beneficial or adverse effect on on most health outcomes.” The report warns that reducing our salt intake below 1 tsp per day could actually be a negative."

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