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12/24 - stretch, squats, bench, chins, pushups, knee raise, speed bag
12/22 - stretch

Robert Braunstein: 70 Years Old and Kicking Your Ass - "Robert is 70 years old and still lifting weights most young men are still dreaming about.  Below are some public posts I found by Robert, talking about some of his lifting philosophies and advice for all lifters, regardless of age.  When an older lifter, who’s been in the game for this long, talks we all should listen.   Read below and you’ll learn something. 

On Sunday Dec. 13th I broke my USA Powerlifting records Masters 4, (70 years old) 120 kilo class (264 lbs) RAW. I weighted in at 251.  My total was more than 1100. Squat 410, bench 315, deadlift 405. I only do the 5/3/1 program, limit assistance exercises to two; only exercises that aid my lifts. I do not take protein, or creatine, as it is a waste of money. I eat lots of eggs, fruit, greens, and limit my sweets. Friday night is hamburger night. (only med. rare) I am now pursuing world records. I spend no more than 45 min. in the gym ———- 

Lots of questions, now the info: I do not do drugs. I do not supplement. At 70 creatine, and protein powder are expensive toilet bowl products. What I do is stick to my routine. I concentrate on form. There are days when your lifts suck, and days when they don’t. Stick to your routine. There is no magic template. You must find which assistance exercises work for you. Take in consideration your arm, torso, and leg lengths. Film yourself, and ask knowledgeable people about what they observe. For those guys who are waiting for a big total to compete, don’t wait. The meet is an experience. Observe, and absorb. Learn when to warm up, when to stretch etc. Learn to breath, and relax. Do not become a “show off”. I have a Masters degree, but it doesn’t help me in the weight room. I am a combat vet, and that’s not helping me lift weights. Being humble, and lifting the weights, breathing, hand, head, eye, and foot placement helps you. Yes I lost strength as I aged, but I am still strong. The secret is in your heart, and mind. Get your ass in gear, and lift...

My advise for young lifters. Do not spend money on protein powder, creatine, or the like. Drink whole milk. Drink chocolate milk, post-workout. Stick to the basics: squat, dead lift, bench, military press, and learn to do cleans. Get a routine where you do not wear your self out with assistance exercises. Lift heavy. If you want a big chest, arms, legs, and back – squat heavy...

There is no magic. When I started my mentor did not let me put weight on the bar for 2 weeks. That being said learn the correct form; breathing, eye, hand ,head, and foot placement. Most of all after you learn do not become a gym asshole. Teach someone else. ———- If you think your tough. If you think your training is hard. Think again. Every Tues. from 9 AM to 4 PM I sit with my wife at the cancer center, and watch my wife, and other people go through various treatments. We have 2 more treatments to go. She never says a word. When I lift weights, run, or box I don’t think my work outs are tough. This disease does not discriminate. Stay tough friends."

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