Monday, December 21, 2015


12/21 - stretch, press, deadlifts, dips, back xt, sauna
12/19 - stretch

 Losing A Lung, Gaining Fitness: "After having most of one lung removed, Judith Dicker defied the odds by getting fit. Then she went the extra mile and became a national-level physique competitor!"

December 8th: My Story to Weight Loss, Health and Confidence |: "Enrolling into a new high school helped me immensely, for I could start a clean slate. By this time my love for health and fitness was incredibly strong. I enjoyed eating healthy, working out and researching clean recipes and fitness role models/programs, including Blogilates, Tone it Up, Kayla Itsines, Christine Bullock, Jillian Michaels and more. They all ignited me to become fitter and find a level of strength and to see a girl in the mirror I never would have imagined. I gave up the boring treadmill and learned about cool exercises such as Pilates, HIIT, kickboxing and hot yoga. More pounds peeled off and everyone started to see it. There are still photos of myself after my weight loss that shock me because I look so different. To add some flexibility into all of our lives, my family even started to implement new healthy foods, lifestyle changes and habits such as cooking with healthier staples (the top five being olive oil, brown rice, seasonal vegetables, fruit, and 65%+ dark chocolate), walking more often, sleeping enough, etc. It made me so happy to see that I was influencing my loved ones. Family reunions became my beauty pageants. Everyone was in shock and told me how beautiful I looked and asked me how I did it. (Funny enough, these were the same relatives that also commented on how chubbier I was becoming–all in Vietnamese, of course, so that I wouldn’t be able to understand.)  Every extra rep and nutritious swap was dedicated to my classmates, relatives, basically everyone who doubted me. The feeling of proving others wrong, including those who spread rumors or dismissed me, and the way the weight of feeling worthless was lifted off my shoulders was the best sensation in the world."
December 8th: My Story to Weight Loss, Health and Confidence |: "I can’t imagine where I’d be if my father didn’t suggest that I reflect on my health, diet and activity level. Out of everyone in my family, he was really the only one who knew how horrible I felt about myself and how I would always cry myself to sleep. I made the treadmill my best friend and immediately lost five pounds. Weight training and learning about clean eating (because abs are made in the kitchen!) shed the last inches of body fat and boosted my confidence up to a level where I could visit the gym without feeling judged."

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