Thursday, August 08, 2013


8/8 - bench

8/7 - squats, hyperextensions, kneeups, decline situps

Some serious work - - Body Transformation: Fitness Formula:

Karina Baymiller's Photos
"Thought I would give you guys a little bit of a different perspective in to my transformation this morning! In the picture on the left... I had already lost about 35lbs, was eating 1300 calories/day of mostly pre-packaged & processed foods, and only did cardio. In the picture on the right... I lost another 20lbs, was eating 2000 calories/day of mostly clean foods, and only lifting weights. Left = 150lbs, 1300 calories, cardio, processed "diet foods", and skinny flab. Right = 130lbs, 2000 calories, lifting heavy, clean diet, and sexy muscle. What's the lesson here? Eat more, stick with whole, unprocessed foods, and lift heavy! Your body will thank you."

"Everyone starts somewhere, and this was my beginning. What a difference a few years can make. Never give up on a goal you have for yourself, because as crazy as you think it may be, you can achieve ANYTHING. As I always say... slow and steady wins the race."

"Always remember that anything is possible. There will be setbacks, you will fall down, the road will be long and hard. What matters is that you pick yourself up, you keep pushing forward, and you never lose sight of what you want most."

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