Sunday, August 04, 2013


8/4 - ss leg press/sissy squats, ss db rdl/split squats, calf raise, seated calf raise, decline situps -- sauna -- foam roll, band pullaparts/dislocates/facepulls

8/3 - chins, dips, bbell curls, tricep dips, db curls, wrist curls/rv wrist curls -- stairs

#NewNemesis - focus for the next 6-12 months is getting stronger [Wendler 5/3/1] which means eating more/more muscle/more size.  In order to help minimize the fat gain which usually comes with getting bigger/stronger, new baseline/bare minimum conditioning is running stairs 3X a week.  Started with 5 ascents this past week, with the goal/plan of adding 1 more each week until I get to 20.  

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