Friday, August 02, 2013

Today's Internets - Sherlock Series 3 Teaser Trailer.

"Today, I found out via Instagram that my boyfriend didn't actually go to the Bahamas with his dad as he claimed. Not unless his dad lost weight, grew tits and long hair, and likes to make out with his son. They have no cellphone service, so I can't even call to break up with him. FML"

Such an awesome show.

This is pretty outstanding.

Sure, it's cute now, but when Bane breaks that kid's back, everybody's gonna be upset.

"At least one cop has been disciplined for ordering the NYPD's highest-ranking uniformed black officer out of his auto while the three-star chief was off-duty and parked in Queens, the Daily News has learned. "How you can not know or recognize a chief in a department SUV with ID around his neck, I don't know," a police source said. Chief Douglas Zeigler, 60, head of the Community Affairs Bureau, was in his NYPD-issued vehicle near a fire hydrant when two plainclothes cops approached on May 2, sources said. One officer walked up on each side of the SUV at 57th Ave. and Xenia St. in Corona about 7 p.m. and told the driver to roll down the heavily tinted windows, sources said. What happened next is in dispute. In his briefing to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Zeigler said the two cops, who are white, had no legitimate reason to approach his SUV, ranking sources said. After they ordered him to get out, one officer did not believe the NYPD identification Zeigler gave him."

Stop and Frisk is, of course, mostly bullshit, ineffective & probably racist - Is the NYPD's 'Stop and Frisk' Program Effective? Does It Matter? - Hit & Run :
"For that matter, the demograpic profile of the people who are usually hassled by the cops, while it certainly should bother anyone who claims to be concerned about racial profiling or the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection, is not the most decisive argument against stop and frisk, which is the Fourth Amendment. As Mike Riggs noted yesterday, Kelly seems to think everyone detained by the cops must be guilty of something. "The notion anyone stopped has done absolutely nothing wrong is not really the case," he said on MSNBC's Morning Joe, because police "need reasonable suspicion to stop someone and question them." Kelly not only confuses reasonable suspicion with guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; he assumes his cops really do have a sound legal basis for every stop they make and every pat-down they perform. That assumption is hard to credit, given that stops result in an arrest or summons only 12 percent of the time and pat-downs almost never discover guns."

There's the political class and then there's you.  And they don't give a fuck about you.
 "...the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which handles benefits issues for Hill staffers, has decided to allow congressional staffers to put the same employer contribution they get toward their current plans toward the purchase of health plans bought on the exchanges, according to Politico. Coverage of the issue up until now has tended to focus on the question of whether congressional staffers would be “exempt” from Obamacare. I never thought that was quite the right way to understand it: Staffers weren’t looking to be exempt from the whole law, but from one provision that specifically affected, and complicated, their own lives.

The health law’s defenders, in turn, argued that it wasn’t fair to create a special class of individuals who have to give up their employer coverage, and the tax-protected contribution toward that coverage’s cost, in order to buy from the exchanges. But OPM’s decision creates a different sort of special class: A tiny group of federal employees allowed to put their employer’s existing coverage contribution toward plans bought through Obamacare’s exchanges. In other words, Hill staffers were irritated by a provision of the health law that would have cost them money. And they got a bureaucratic fix to make the problem go away. Most Americans frustrated by some specific provision in Obamacare, on the other hand, won’t be so lucky."

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