Sunday, June 16, 2013


6/16 - hyper xt 20/2x15/3x10, leg xt 10x10, hyper xt 3x10, leg curls 10x10, calf press x20/3x10/20/2x15, hyper xt 3x10, decline twisting situps x25/15/10, knee ups x20/3x10

Managed to tweak my back earlier in the week doing deadlifts [makes sense] but then managed to really wrench it once it started feeling better doing upright rows [WTF?]  Anyways, most of this past week has been doing stuff that decompresses/doesn't stress the spine/lower back.  Tried to do some light DB squats today, but couldn't hit a good depth without feeling it go wonky.  Anyways, playing catch up on the training log after travel, moving, settling in...  abbreviated summary below:

6/15 - dips, inc db press, wrist curls/xt, neck nods/rotations/towel iso
6/14 - pullups, chins, pulldowns, gtg neutral grip chins
6/13 - dips, gtg pushups
6/12 - chins, pulldowns, gtg ng chins
6/11 - dips, bench, inc db press, military press, upright row
6/10 - hyperxt, chins, pulldowns, shrugs, machine row, alt db curl, conc curl
6/9 - glute bridge, smith machine squat, legx, leg curls, calf press, decline situps, kneeups
6/8 - dips, bench, inc db press, plate halo, military press, up rows, tri pushups
6/7 - hyperxt, deadlifts, pullups, chins, pulldowns, db row, curls, wrist curl/xt, neck nods/rotations/iso
6/6 - glute bridge, smith machine squats, goblet squats, leg press, calf press, legxt, leg curls, gtg ng chins
6/5 - dips, bench, inc db press, military press, up row, scott press, lateral raise, overheadxt, tri pushups, bench dips, COCT
6/4 - deadlift, pullups, hyperxt, chins, pulldown, db rows, shrugs, curls
6/3 - glute bridge, leg press, legxt, leg curls, calf press, decline situps, kneeups, goblet squat, RDL, COCT
6/2 - dips, scott press, overhead trixt, pushups, tri pushups, machine press, bench, lateral raise
6/1 - hyperxt, pullups, deadlift, pulldowns, chins, machine row, wrist curl/xt
5/30 & 31 - No PT
5/29 - pulldowns, pushups, row, scott press, curls, bench dips
5/28 - pulldown, pushup, calf press, laterals, leg press
5/27 - No PT

 "It seems like we’ve delegated physical pursuit in our culture. We’re much more inclined to watch athletes instead of become them. We’ll spend hours watching sporting events on a screen or in the stands but come up with every excuse in the book to not bother starting even a pickup game of our own. We revel in analyzing the minutiae of total strangers’ performances but never venture our own attempts. Content with experiencing that level of physical exertion and development vicariously through a satellite feed, we become more sedentary and detached from our own physical selves. We forgo and often forget what it means to move, to push our bodies, to come up against our own limits, let alone extend them through discipline and ambition. It seems like a waste – to never know what it means to fully thrive in our bodies. What would it feel like to be strong, to be swift, to be graceful, to be in the “zone.” How would you feel differently about your life, yourself?"

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