Tuesday, April 16, 2013


4/16 - Russian Pullup Program D27 19-1/18/16/16/14 -- chinups 3x8, band press 15/10/6, TWY 3x8, superset ng pullups/dips 2x8/12, neck nods/rotations x100/100 -- P90X2 D58 Plyocide

Impressive Work - Bodybuilding | fromfattofit25: buffyshot: @efitmama:...: "buffyshot: @efitmama: #TransformationTuesday - important to note ☝ I never had #abs until after having kids! It took me a good 9 months to a year to be back to my pre-pregnancy body weight and not until I started eating clean and weight training did I really start to gain a #6pack. Abs are made in the kitchen folks! And just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have the body you’ve always wanted. Just gotta work for it!"

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