Monday, January 24, 2011

New computer finally escapes lithium battery purgatory.

Last September my computer decided of its own accord that it wouldn't boot up anymore.  Spent a week or so trying to force it to work, including, at my wit's end, smacking it around a bit and pulling bits and pieces I had no clue about apart.  It refused to respond - shocking, I know - so I put it aside to serve as a nifty paperweight and ordered a new laptop from Amazon as an early b-day present.  While the laptop was enroute here, the pouch and mail service decided it would ban anything with a lithium battery coming through.  But things already accepted would be grandfathered in but had to take the slow boat.  Long story short - too late - my new laptop got here last week.  Also weirdly, my old laptop, after having sat and done nothing for about a month, when I did a 'last minute hail mary' boot, actually worked.  So now I've gone from no laptops to two.  
Spent part of the weekend scrubbing Windows off the new laptop and installed shiny Ubuntu.  [Which updating, at dial up speeds, takes patience.  A lot of patience.]  Then syncing the two computers and once I get the last of the bugs with the hardware and OS worked out - can't get the built in webcam to stop turning off the microphone - I'll have one as a dedicated download/TV/travel laptop and the other, newer, niftier one as my go-to.  

New computer properly sticker-fied.  Via Sticker Nation 2 by Srini Kumar.


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