Monday, August 31, 2009

Sugar/Fructose/HFCS is Poison.

At nearly 90m, I figured I'd load this up and listen as I do a million and one other things, as I usually do with 'net video. Had to stop after about 5m, enlarge and then PAY ATTENTION. The presenter isn't the most dynamic person in the history of the world, and the biochem about an hour in is a little dense for a liberal arts major like myself, but this was a brilliant presentation, showing the hows and whys, both scientific and political [we can blame Nixon a LOT, apparently] of why the obesity epidemic and metabolic syndrome are rampant. If you've any interest at all in health, fitness, diet, or why we have 6 month old children labeled as obese, then watch this. At the very least, the first 45m are highly illuminating. [But the whole thing is fairly genius.]

Fat Head » Weekend Bonus: Sugar Is Poison:
"...In a nutshell, the doctor making the presentation explains how consuming fructose — which makes up about half of both sugar and HFCS – produces most of the same biochemical effects as drinking alcohol, minus the buzz. The takeaway: if you wouldn’t serve your kid a beer, don’t serve him a soda either.

He also gives a nice wrap-up of what’s wrong with the Lipid Hypothesis and the current advice to eat high-carb and low-fat. Enjoy."
The summary, if you can read my crappy screen cap.

One bit that was interesting to hear, thought I'd heard similar before, as it relates to cholesterol, HDL and LDL. The ratios are far more important than the numbers. And since I just had a bunch of blood work done when I was home on summer vacation, I rain my #s through the formulas. Total Cholesterol 207, HDL 70 and Triglycerides 60.

Better Know Your Triglyceride/HDL Ratio if You Want to Prevent a Heart Attack:
"...Therefore, in adults, the HDL-'good' cholesterol/total cholesterol ratio should be higher than 0.24 (just divide your HDL level by your cholesterol).

Or more precisely, the HDL/total cholesterol ratio:

# 0.24 or higher is considered ideal
# under 0.24 - low
# less than 0.10 - very dangerous.

Generally speaking, the higher the ratio, the better (the lower your risk of a heart attack)..."
Mine is .338, so I rock, apparently.
" adults, the triglyceride/HDL-'good' cholesterol ratio should be below 2 (just divide your triglycerides level by your HDL).

Or more precisely, the triglyceride/HDL ratio:

# 2 or less is considered ideal
# 4 - high
# 6 - much too high

And, since HDL (high density lipoprotein) is protective against heart disease, the lower the ratio, the better.

...The ratio of triglycerides to HDL was the strongest predictor of a heart attack, even more accurate than the LDL/HDL ratio...""

Mine is .857, so I continue my rocking-ness.

You know, the only thing I worry about a little bit is my glucose/sugar at 99, which is at the very high end of normal, and in the age of Type II Diabetes, I'd like that to be lower...

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