Thursday, April 02, 2009

Training 306-308.

306 - 15m NEPA [non exercise physical activity] walk, forgot to track water.

307 - 10m NEPA walk, 2.5l water
PT - Romanian DL, Side Planks, DB Press, Chins/Band Lat Pulls

308 - 3L water... other than that, I got nothin'

Slightly sore from getting back into the PT this week. I started out this week trying to moderate my diet, get back into it, but between the enkai on Tues, lunch w/teacher's today, another welcome party tomorrow, and yet another beginning of the year party on Monday... + every new and old teacher leaving candies and cakes on my desk as a "new year hello" AND the Mrs sending me a care package full of junk food from the states...

...we'll just say that hasn't worked out so well.

Not gonna sweat it and keep up w/the PT without thinking about the nutrition right now. Next week, mid-week, on that.

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