Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bachan's 82nd birthday Sasebo/Kujukushima Trip.

For Grandma's 82nd birthday trip - and she remains a "genki" 82 - we [me, Sandy, Kiko and Bachan] headed down to the Kujukushima islands in Sasebo where... well, other websites have already said it - Kujukushima - :
"Saikai Pearl Sea Resort
A resort with a theme of the sea, including tourist boats, an aquarium, the Shipping Pavilion, and the Imax Dome Theater.

99 Islands
Actually there are “208” islands in this group, which cover about 25 kilometers from just outside Sasebo to Hirado-Seto. Roughly divided into the north and south groups, the southern groups off Sasebo is generally thought to offer the most beautiful scenery.

99 Islands Tourist Boat
"Pearl Queen"
A highlight of the 99 Islands tour. The boat cruise among the islands will refresh you with soft breezes and beautiful scenery.The Pearl Queen enters service on July 20, 2002.

This experiential aquarium reproduces the nature of the 99 Islands… the touching tank is especially popular among the kids.

Shipping Pavilion
Displaying ships of environmentally-friendly designs (driven by manpower and windpower), as well as their 6,000-year history."

So, yeah, we did all that stuff.

Bachan is a shopping machine.

Turn your back and when you see her again she's plus several bags of omiyage that appear as if from nowhere.

And she still loves her hats.

I think Grandma could totally take the Viking.


Sandy and Bachan shelling oysters in order to get their pearls.

And then they got 'em mounted on necklaces to as b-day presents/souvenirs.

Bachan chillin' back at home with her birthday cake.


  1. baachan looks so cute. when i saw the photos i remembered i had gone on the 99 island tourist ride. that's when i made out with some navy dude...and the japanese people stared. one skeezy old man even winked at me. that's right, that's how i roll.

  2. That may be my new favorite story ever.

    [So you were swapping spit for all to see, but the old man was a skeez cause he winked at you... hmm...] :)