Friday, November 07, 2008

Flobots are wicked brilliant. [Universal Music Group, otoh, are idiots.]

Don't even remember where I came across them [such is the ways of the internet] but Flobots are brilliant.

Flobots - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"Flobots are an alternative rock/alternative hip hop group from Denver, Colorado, formed in 2000. To date, they have released two albums and one EP. Flobots found mainstream success with its major label debut Fight with Tools (2007), featuring the single 'Handlebars', which became a popular hit on Modern Rock radio in April 2008."

I'd have loved to put up a couple of their clever and extremely smart official music vids, but the idiots at Universal Music Group, while putting them up on YouTube, disable the embedding function. Keeping them from going viral, increasing their popularity and thereby selling more CDs and downloads. Brilliant business model. Morons, I swear.

But here's a couple unofficial vids. Gonna have to pick up this CD.