Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Training 2.0 [T2], Day 1&2... [I need structure, apparently.]

August was a bit of a clusterfuck. Travel aside, I thought the greater free time and fewer classes would afford me the chance to ramp up my PT and get beyond the "toe dipping" phase and really start the whole "getting back into shape" thing. How the exact opposite happened I'm still not entirely clear on.

The first 100 days/3 months or so I'd made some baby steps and progress in the right direction... weight was coming down, measurements coming down, clothes starting to fit right again... and then I just seemed to stall. Workouts weren't gelling, diet was harder... the occasional free day turned into multiples... feeling burned out a lot of the time.

Since the beginning of August I felt like I was plateauing/treading water at best, and starting to seriously backslide at worst. So I took about 4-5 days last week, didn't do anything, ate anything I wanted and ruminated a bit.

So really, I think the problem is that I'm just winging it too much. As much as the concept rankles me [after years of having structure imposed on me, one way or the other] I need more planning and structure at the outset. Until everything becomes a habit and starts flowing again. And what's more, I need to cull my need to constantly tweak and change and be on the lookout for different and new strategies and ideas. I need to pick something stable and just stick with that for a while.

So, call this Training 2.0 [T2]/Phase 2 or whatever. I'll use the structure from the BFL program, which I last used to good effect in NC, the last time I got, really, in halfway decent shape. And the plus is that the format of the program makes me sit down almost daily to plan it out and prevent me from slacking.

So... PT 6x a week, alternating an upper/lower body lifting split with a high intensity cardio day. Eating 6 small meals a day, one free day a week.

Since I'll be logging a lot of the info offline, I won't be re-typing in all the sets/reps/foods stuff again online, but I will be logging in whether or not I checked the boxes/got done what I was supposed to...

So, to that effect...

Day 1 - Upper body wkout/6 meals/2L water
Day 2 - 20m cardio/6 meals/2L water


  1. Hey. Tell me how this works out for you. I'm actually dieting myself right now. Basically substantially cutting back my evening caloric intake (no snacking, and keeping it at about 500cal for the meal), but otherwise not really doing much else.

    I figure that, as my weight has NOT change at all since I got to Japan, maybe by reducing my over all calories eaten will bring good results. I mean, math-wise

    shitty diet + little exercise = no significant gain or loss.


    less shitty diet + a little more exercise = some weight loss?

    C'mon! I have MATH on my side!

  2. That's actually it in a nutshell...

    Eat less junk and exercise more.

    You can make it fancier or more complicated, but regardless, that's it in one sentence.

    You should see some results, I'd think.