Monday, September 29, 2008

T2 - 29.

Upper body wkout/7 meals/3L water

Inspiration of the the day - my boy Mike, detailing his successful month of watching his diet. Rock on with your bad self.

Adventures in the Not-so-Orient: Happy news:
"The last 4 weeks have been an interesting time for me. I am now on day 23 of my diet. With Saturday as a nominal cheat day, the rest of the time, not including things like enkais or whatnot, I am carefully watching what I eat..."

Kick in the ass of the day - | ATOMIC DOG: A Mobius Strip Life:
"...So, gentle reader (you knew this was going to eventually turn to you, didn't you?), if you're like 99.99999% of the population, you have your ambitions, too, whether they're career ambitions, conditioning ambitions, or physique ambitions.

Only you suck.

I suck.

We all suck...

...are you sacrificing even 10% of what Jason's sacrificed to get what you want?

I doubt it. I rarely meet anyone who gets what they want. Everybody's got plenty of lofty ideas, but I rarely see anyone carry through with them. I run into hundreds of people want to change careers, but the only effort they expel towards that end is complaining to me or any other poor bastard unlucky enough to be in the way of their lament.

...I'm usually highly resistant to motivational articles or articles designed to harness the psychology of positive thinking because I'm a motivational reductionist; I tend to break motivation down to the simplest statement: if you want to do something bad enough, you'll do it. Clearly, most people are comfortable with the status quo because they don't do it.

But what the hell, I've come this far so I might as well try to offer a couple of words of advice.

Get off your ass.

For once in your mediocre, lack-luster life, take one thing, one goal, to completion; see one thing to fruition. You know how to get the new job. You do. Really. You don't need anyone to tell you about education, certifications, studying, contacts, etc.

Do it or just stop boring the hell out of the rest of us, okay?

...It may or not be the best time to invest in the market, but it's sure as hell the best time to invest in you."

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