Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday afternoon at Costco Japan.

Too. Many. Damn. People.

You know... Japan IS an overwhelmingly polite country. There just seem to be, you know, exceptions...

I understand different cultures have different definitions of personal space, but if you've bumped into me more than once, and there's no one behind you, you are too fucking close. BACK. OFF. One more time and I'm laying you out, old lady. And your kid and your grandmother too.

When you're shopping, there are two options. Option one, push your cart along. Option two, stop, move over to the side and examine an item. Option three is not - stop in the middle of the aisle for no apparent reason, blocking people both behind and in front of you while you stare off into space. There is no option three. Move your ass.

That is all.

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