Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Enkais, Enkais, Enkais...

Hot on the heels of last month's end of the year enkai, is this month's beginning of the year enkai.

[Not to mention the Board of Ed's beginning of the year enkai this Friday night, and the school's undokai enkai in two weeks. It never ends, I swear to god.]

Good time though. Lots of really fresh sashimi, beer, traditional Japanese staff...

This is either the 2nd or 3rd time we've been to this particular restaurant. In the [almost] three years I've been here it seems we rotate through the same 2 or 3 places. Ah well. Don't mess with success, I guess. [That rhyme was purely unintentional. Carry on.]

There were, of course, many a speech given by the new arrivals and the final-final-for realsies goodbyes from the departing staff. Including our old vice principal and the old head of the PTA, who both got lifted and thrown into the air a couple times by the rest of us burly male teachers. That was the first time that had happened at an enkai, so that was kinda cool.

And of course, copious drinking + psuedo dancing and karaoke. My school is a trip.

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