Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Hyundai never looked this cool.

Of course, the fact I drove it into the ground over 7 years might've had a little to do with it. Good car tho'.

An Intriguing Concept: Hyundai’s QarmaQ and Its Recycled Plastic Skin (TreeHugger):
"Hyundai unveiled its QarmaQ proof-of-concept car at this year’s Geneva auto show. Among the many green features that this car boasts, its plastic shell is the most intriguing. Hyundai partnered with GE to integrate advanced materials from the Ecomagination line into this vehicle’s design. Key portions of the light outer shell are made from GE’s Xenoy iQ and Valox iQ resins, which are composed of 85% post-consumer recycled PET, the stuff of plastic soda bottles. On the interior, molded resins replace components that might otherwise be painted, reducing the release of volatile compounds. The molded exterior panels are also presumably colored during the molding process, avoiding the need for body paint, the single most polluting process in a car’s manufacturing process."

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