Sunday, January 08, 2006

Karma and problem solving

Free-Beingness Blog » Blog Archive » Problem-solving Is A Trap:
"The usual methods of dealing with human suffering, such as problem-solving, trying to resolve “issues,” trying to heal “wounds,” etc. etc. are all traps. Here is why.

All of these approaches are like the old Chinese toy where you put the finger of one hand in one side and the finger of your other hand in the other side, and then pull. The harder you try and pull them apart the tighter the grip becomes, and the more stuck you are.

This is what happens with problem-solution tactics. The more you grind down into the mindset of problem-solving the more stuck you become. This is because that mindset itself is the cause of your suffering. It is the mindset of focusing attention on stories and drama.

Drama has its own internal logic, and that logic is the pattern of ever-recurring suffering and pain. It is a negative loop that never ends. Trying to end suffering by solving problems keeps you right dead center in the drama of the suffering itself. Your mind grips the problem, and the more you focus in on it that way the tighter the grip becomes.

...The more you focus on them the tighter the grip of suffering and pain becomes. It is an endless negative loop. This is what eastern philosophies call the wheel of karma. While you’re in that wheel and playing that game, perversely enjoying that little drama, you can never get off."

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