Saturday, May 13, 2017

Women: greater gender in-group bias + heightened anticipatory fear response.

Gender differences in automatic in-group bias: why do women like women more than men like men? - PubMed - NCBI: "Four experiments confirmed that women's automatic in-group bias is remarkably stronger than men's and investigated explanations for this sex difference, derived from potential sources of implicit attitudes (L. A. Rudman, 2004). In Experiment 1, only women (not men) showed cognitive balance among in-group bias, identity, and self-esteem (A. G. Greenwald et al., 2002), revealing that men lack a mechanism that bolsters automatic own group preference. Experiments 2 and 3 found pro-female bias to the extent that participants automatically favored their mothers over their fathers or associated male gender with violence, suggesting that maternal bonding and male intimidation influence gender attitudes. Experiment 4 showed that for sexually experienced men, the more positive their attitude was toward sex, the more they implicitly favored women. In concert, the findings help to explain sex differences in automatic in-group bias and underscore the uniqueness of gender for intergroup relations theorists."

Men and women differ in the way they anticipate an unpleasant emotional experience, research finds -- ScienceDaily: "Men and women differ in the way they anticipate an unpleasant emotional experience, which influences the effectiveness with which that experience is committed to memory, according to new research. In the study, supported by a grant from the Wellcome Trust, women showed heightened neural responses in anticipation of negative experiences, but not positive ones. The neural response during anticipation was related to the success of remembering that event in the future. No neural signature was found during anticipation in either positive or negative experiences in men. Dr Giulia Galli, lead author from the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience said: "When expecting a negative experience, women might have a higher emotional responsiveness than men, indicated by their brain activity. This is likely to then affect how they remember the negative event." "For example, when watching disturbing scenes in films there are often cues before anything 'bad' happens, such as emotive music. This research suggests that the brain activity in women between the cue and the disturbing scene influences how that scene will be remembered. What matters for memory in men instead is mostly the brain activity while watching the scene...  This finding might be relevant for psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, in which there is excessive anticipation of future threat and memory is often biased towards negative experiences."

Listener-Blue — feminismisahatemovement: it-goes-both-ways: ...: "...what you may not be aware of is the *reason* women get more afraid than men at horror shows. It’s because women are more prone to *anticipate* and have a negative emotional response to the upcoming terrible event. Don’t hate me. Hate science. “But you’re not answering my question… what does Feminism mean?” I’m getting to that. See, science… when it’s done as science actually finds out some pretty crazy shit. Like did you know that men naturally have almost no bias for other men? “Bullshit!” No, seriously. Men lack (or have an exceedingly small amount) of a trait known as “in-group bias”. Pound for pound men just like women more. They like talking to them, like being around them, like spending time with them and care about them and their well being WILDLY more than they do other men. “Okay, so what? Guys are douchenozzles to other guys? Big fucking deal.” 

Except women don’t lack that trait. In fact, women have in group bias in *spades*. Women like women more than they like men. A lot more than they like men. For example, if two people are bleeding… one male and one female.. a woman (and a man actually) will almost always be drawn to help the bleeding female rather than the bleeding male. And this isn’t social conditioning that girls are weak. This trait shows up in children kindergarten age. “You’ve made me sit through all this shit why again?”. 

Tie the two together. Tie in group bias with heightened anticipatory fear response. Then give them political power. Meet Feminism. 

Or, try this: In Canada abused women get three hundred and fifty million a year in services from the Canadian government for domestic abuse shelters, help, and so forth. Men get $0.00. Remember what I said about men not being overly concerned about the welfare of other men? And how women are hyper concerned about the welfare of other women and themselves, especially in relation to dangers perceived or real? So… okay, an instinctual bias towards a specific kind of public policy. That doesn’t mean the fears aren’t real? No, the fears often are very real… but the *response* to those fears is very often disproportionate to what they’re afraid of. And more importantly, in a group with a primary driving force of in group bias… you *never* see the concern for men that you do for women under any circumstances. It not only doesn’t exist, it never will. It’s why a group of Feminists cheering about women dwarfing the number of men in college isn’t met by anyone with a lot of puzzled looks. 

“But alright… so Feminism isn’t so much about equality, but how can you be against helping women and seeing that they have equal rights?” I’m not. “But you’re against Feminism.” Feminism isn’t about equal rights. Feminism is an anticipatory response to a perceived fear that has snowballed since its earliest inception driven by women’s in group bias and men’s lack thereof. 

And here’s why I’m Anti-Feminist: Because it shows no sign of slowing. There is no “end" game. There is no “equality" that can be reached for the Feminist. Seriously. ever think about that? At what point do the Feminists pack it up and call it a day? What event could occur that would convince Feminists the “patriarchy has been dismantled" and they could go home? Hint: it will never happen. No event would trigger that. Equality can never be reached for the Feminist… so all the Feminist movement can do is attempt to secure more and more and more power and advantage (which is historically all it has ever done if you’re actually intellectually honest about the whole thing). And that’s dangerous as fuck."

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