Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Maybe, just maybe, men are not broken versions of women."

Listener-Blue — The last post makes me wonder..: "What was on my partner’s shopping list of perfect womanly traits when he interviewed me for the position of possible long term relationship? Was he looking for someone needy and demanding? Someone constantly needing reassurance? Was he looking for someone who can be short-tempered and irrational? Someone who gets irritated by the tiniest thing with no warning? Was he looking for someone who is selfish at times, who often doesn’t put him first but who expects him to put her first all the time? Was he willing to put up with all of this so long as I make the dinner and do his washing? So long as I keep house? So long as I behave like a proper little wifey? You know what - he doesn’t give a fuck about that stuff that men supposedly care about. Hell, I don’t even do it. Not like that. He suffers through all the shit and he doesn’t even get the good stuff?! I don’t even iron his fucking shirts for him? What kind of shit ass wife am I? He must not have read the ‘how to find a perfect wife’ manual that men are apparently given in adolescence. Or maybe, just maybe, men are not the shallow evil pigs these idiots make them out to be. Maybe, just maybe, men are capable of loving someone as a whole, just as women are. Maybe, just maybe, he tolerates my bad points because he thinks my good points outweigh them. Maybe, just maybe, he finds comfort in my company, my humour, my intelligence, my personality. Me. And maybe, just maybe, he feels that the minor inconvenience of my worse traits is overshadowed by the stuff that makes us happy together and makes our relationship work. None of which has any fucking thing to do with my ability to cook or clean or bear children. Maybe, just maybe, men are not broken versions of women. And maybe all these women that think they are should go and fuck themselves. Or maybe…. just maybe… the reason they don’t see it is because these women are just broken versions of men, unable to see anything but what they want in life. Unable to see anything but themselves. These women are unable to properly love a man because their checklist of ‘perfect man’ consists of only one thing - find a man who does exactly what I want him to.  Oh shit, wait, I think my internalised misogyny just spilled over."

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