Saturday, February 04, 2017

"Cut out Bullshit Foods... Cut out Bullshit Friends... Cut out Bullshit Thoughts."

"Cut Out Bullshit Food 
 The reason that I put this one first, is because it’s the easiest one to fix. That doesn’t mean it’ll be easy if you’re used to eating junk food, but out of all the types of bullshit, this one is the easiest to eliminate from your life. Bullshit food is basically anything that hinders your performance: Fast food Potato chips Cheese burgers Dairy (for most people, unless it’s raw milk) Candy Fast digesting carbs (bagels, donuts, white rice, white bread, etc.) If you consume foods like this, you are literally creating a ripple effect that will fuck your life over. If you have poor nutrition, your brain and body won’t have the adequate nutrients to function. 

You’ll be slow to learn, have less energy, and will be less motivated. In other words, your mind and body are being poisoned by bullshit food. This is why you must cut it out of your life. If you have any junk food in your house, throw it out right now, no fucking exceptions. No, don’t give me that “B-but I’m not fat!” It doesn’t matter. Even though you’ll be fat one day if you continue to eat junk food, you’re still poisoning your body. Your mind can’t function properly without: Healthy proteins (sardines, wild caught salmon, grass fed beef) Leafy greens (kale, spinach) Colorful veggies (broccoli, carrots, beets) Slow digesting carbs (beans, brown rice, quinoa) Quality fats (olive oil, coconut oil) If you are eating junk food you are poisoning your body. Stop it. It will be hard to eat healthy at first if you’re used to eating junk food, but within a month you’ll actually come to like it. You’ll feel amazing and won’t even want to eat junk food, because it’ll make you feel sluggish, both mentally and physically...

Cut Out Bullshit Friends 
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn 
Most people don’t even know that their friends are losers, especially if they come from a dysfunctional background. I had a couple of friends back in high school, and they were takers. All they would do is take, take, take. They only cared about themselves. They were selfish to the point of childlike narcissism, and didn’t respect me. I actually didn’t even realize it for a while, because that’s all I had known. But slowly, as I began reading more and more, educating myself, and improving my outlook, I started to see that they were users. So do you know what I did? I cut them out of my fucking life. This may sound cruel, or difficult to do, but let me ask you a question: are they helping you or hurting you? If they’re hurting you, then cut them out of your life...

They don’t stop pushing your boundaries You tell them that you don’t want to do something, and they don’t stop asking why (like a child) They’re always focusing on the negative They speak down on you or call you names frequently, even if they say they’re “just kidding” They manipulate you emotionally (always make you feel guilty, act like they’re a victim, etc.) Ask yourself: “Do they make me feel good about myself, or bad?” If they make you feel bad, lazy, or insecure, chances are you should cut them out of your life. Even if they’re family members. This can be very difficult for a lot of people to understand – I get that. It sounds very cruel to cut family members out of your life. But again, are they helping you or hurting you? If they’re hurting you, then it’s in your best interests to cut them out of your life...

Cut Out Bullshit Thoughts 
This is the hardest thing to do. If you came from a very negative upbringing like I did, it can often be very difficult to unwire your brain and train yourself to think positively. That’s okay – you can still do it (insert positive thought here). I did. Negative thoughts are perhaps the most insidious addiction on the planet, and they are literally the biggest determining factor in how successful you are. If you are negative, nobody will want to be around you. You’ll always bring peoples’ moods down, so you won’t have many friends. You probably won’t get promoted, because nobody in your workplace will like you. You’ll end up wasting tons of mental energy thinking negative thoughts, rather than just being positive. Now, the negative man may justify his thought patterns by claiming that he’s just being a “realist.” 

What I would say to this is that negativity and positivity actually have nothing to do with being realistic. Being realistic is viewing reality for what it is. Positivity and negativity, however, have to do with what you focus on. The positive man accepts reality for what it is, but chooses to focus on the bright side. He doesn’t bitch and moan, he just takes action and gets shit done. The negative man complains and whines, but never does anything about it. He’s just a talker, not a walker. Negativity is an excuse – it’s a childlike, pathetic habit to engage in. When someone is negative, all I can hear is: “I don’t fix my problems, I just complain about them.”"


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