Friday, May 20, 2016


5/20 - squats, situps, speedbag, stretch
5/19 - bench, db rows, pushdowns, facepulls, curls, stretch

Hideaki Inabi Forums: "...winning 17 world championships IPF-more then any other lifter- only losing once because of injury. He would of had 18 consecutive world championship wins if not for the shoulder injury which caused him to lose a year. 535 squat 525 deadlift 265 bench best total was about 1300-1297 or so to be exact- all raw at 114 lbs. First man ever to do 4x bodyweight squat, also first man to total 10x bodyweight. How did such a champion train? "ideaki trained alone and in his backyard. He had a basic setup consisting of a Squat Rack ( no cage) wooden homemade platform, bench, bar and weights- and only one bar, no special bars for squats etc. He did a lot of half squats with the then stupendous weight of 600 ( no spotters) at 114 ( about 3-4 inches above) , a Lot of Deep Regular Squats and Deadlifts.His Bench was never that good- he managed 100 kilos a few times but after a shoulder injury he benched under 200 lbs , but always had a huge pull (500+) to win.When Chuck Dunbar upset him, Chuckie was at his best but Hideaki had a bum shoulder. Funny thing- after the Worlds ( the IPF Worlds the only game in town then) in November, he took about 3 months totally off- one reason was it was too cold to train outside in the area of Japan that he lived in, and he felt his body needed the break. Can't argue with results! His diet was basic Japanese- sashimi, sushi, rice, etc. Nothing fancy on his training template- 3 days per week, hard and heavy. Banzai! " Nothing beats the basics."

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