Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"I want to be a yellow wolf of heaven. They disappeared into the lightning."

Anthony Bourdain, BROWN DOG: "We show you a lot of beautiful spaces and very nice people in this episode, but its beating heart, and the principal reason I’ve always come to Montana is Jim Harrison, the poet, author and great American-a hero of mine — and millions of others around the world. Shortly after the filming of this episode, Jim passed away, only a few months after the death of his beloved wife of many years, Linda. It is very likely that this is the last footage taken of him. 

To the very end, ate like a champion, smoked like a chimney, lusted (at least in his heart) after nearly every woman he saw, drank wine in quantities that would be considered injudicious in a man half his age, and most importantly, got up and wrote each and every day — brilliant, incisive, thrilling sentences and verses that will live forever. He died, I am told, with pen in hand. There were none like him while he lived. There will be none like him now that he’s gone. He was a hero to me, an inspiration, a man I was honored and grateful to have known and spent time with. And I am proud that we were able to capture his voice, his words, for you.  I leave you with a poem Jim wrote. We use it in the episode, but I want to reprint it here. It seems kind of perfect now that Jim’s finally slipped his chain."



  2. One of the most incredibly moving words I`ve ever read. And to hear it from the man himself. Thanks, Mr. Bourdain; More than the well crafted, inspiring aspect of your show, is its honesty with which you bring these stories, to the point that i dont feel like im watching TV.