Thursday, March 03, 2016

Training - "There's nothing wrong with being frustrated with lack of progress..."

3/3 - stretch, squats, box jumps, leg press, sldl, hanging knee raise
3/2 - foam roll, stretch
3/1 - shadowbox

7 Truths About Strength Training | T Nation: "It's the average days that result in the paydays. The stronger you get, the longer you do this, the harder it becomes. There is no linear progress in training, at least not through the vast majority of it. And once you get to a certain point, it becomes harder and harder to make progress. Dave Tate once said that the average life of a "fitness enthusiast" is around three years, then they move on to something new. That's okay, we all have a few hobbies we didn't stick with. Just check your basement or closet. But perhaps not so coincidentally, three years is also about the time things get really hard with lifting weights and the physical changes and strength gains really slow down. There's nothing wrong with being frustrated with lack of progress. But if you remain positive in your mission, the big breakthrough will come. I've been working with this one guy for years. He of course made great progress in the beginning. Now, he has a lot of average workouts and he's learned that a lot of average days end up resulting in a few amazing weeks where he hits huge PR's and smashes boundaries. That period, of course, is then followed by a whole lot of very average days. It's the average days that result in the paydays. Because the longer you do this thing, the more average days you have, along with some very bad days. You have to learn to keep the faith and persevere. As Joey Waters once told me, "The longer I'm stuck, the bigger the payoff.""

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