Monday, February 08, 2016

"'Men in Minis' - this was the reaction by some Dutch protesters to recent mass sexual attacks in Germany..."


Thranholm FTW.

"When we see this video it is exactly the core problem...  Many men are acting like women...  We have no masculine power in our society to fight back [against] this male aggressive culture...

If you look at our politicians they're very soft...  They're like mothers.  They are embracing, they're inclusive... but they can't deal with the rapings, they can't deal with terrorism...  European politicians look very weak...  we see the consequences that many men here are brought up to be like women..

A culture needs to be balanced... you need both the masculine part and the feminine part, and now the masculine part is lost, and we see the consequences...

 Now we see that we don’t have any male that can stand up, that can fight, who can fight back those male aggressions...”

The cognitive dissonance of the interviewer is unbelievable.  "The violence shouldn't be happening in the first place.  They are guests, essentially, that Europe has welcomed."  Well, no shit.  But when horrible people want to do evil things the solution of *telling them not to* because *they're our guests* and we think it's *bad* is perhaps the most naive and stupid thing I've ever heard.

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