Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Remember when Jennifer Lawrence got paid less on 'American Hustle'? Yeah, not really.

Report: Men Made LESS than Jennifer Lawrence on 'American Hustle': "When looking at the math, Lawrence earned about $65 thousand per day working on the film, whereas Bale and Cooper both earned about $55 thousand per day."

Bart & Fleming On Jennifer Lawrence’s Ballsy ‘American Hustle’ Payday Rant | Deadline: "While it’s refreshing to see Lawrence put herself out there for a worthy cause, I’m not sure that American Hustle is the movie to use as Exhibit A...

Lawrence worked 19 days and was paid $1.25 million and got $250,000 in deferred compensation. She also got seven points in a back end pool that kicked in after cash break zero. Christian Bale worked 45 days for $2.5 million upfront and nine points; Bradley Cooper worked 46 days for $2.5 million and nine points. Amy Adams got $1.25 million and seven points for working 45 days, so if anyone has a beef, it would be her...

American Hustle got 10 Oscar nominations, including for all four of those actors and Russell for directing and co-writing. From Adams on down, all got momentum from success that benefited them in subsequent film negotiations. That includes Lawrence, who I hear got paid $20 million to star in Sony’s Passengers, a fee that was $5 million or $7 million more than her co-star Chris Pratt got, and he’s undeniably the fastest rising male actor in Hollywood."

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