Sunday, November 15, 2015

"I seem to be a verb." - Buckminster Fuller

See also Grant Morrison, personality & fiction suits.  Conflict avoidance is not a core personality trait; it’s malleable according to circumstance « Random Xpat Rantings: "Many of the personality traits you describe are malleable. Operant conditioning can make dramatic personality changes, and people can find that they are not the same person they were five years ago. My personality routinely is dramatically different than five years ago. Avoidance of conflict is something I can point to in myself as something that has dramatically changed since I was in my twenties, and even thirties. It changed through having conflicts. I just got used to it, plus routinely found benefit in conflict. It’s still more pleasant not to have conflict, as I don’t have the pathology of having a high conflict personality, however I’m now very quick to initiate conflict – even extreme conflict – when I feel it required. And of course that’s a huge help."

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