Saturday, November 14, 2015

"I'm Perd Hapley, And I Just Realized..."

Now on Supergirl.  'I'm Perd Hapley, And I Just Realized I'm Played By An Actual Newscaster' : NPR: "If you're a fan of NBC's recently-concluded sitcom Parks and Recreation, then you know actor Jay Jackson as Pawnee's ridiculous newscaster, Perd Hapley — the man who doesn't seem to know centaurs are fictional and once signed off by saying, "I'm Perd Hapley and I just realized I'm not holding my microphone." Before Jay Jackson played Perd Hapley on NBC's Parks and Recreation, he was a real reporter at KCAL9 News in Los Angeles. Courtesy of Jay Jackson Jackson also had roles on Scandal, The Mentalist, movies like Fast Five and Battleship. And he always — always — portrays a newscaster. "People would say [I'm] typecast," Jay Jackson says. "Well, it's not typecast. It's all I know how to do." That's because Jackson spent 22 years as an actual reporter in Southern California. At KCAL9 News in Los Angeles, he was the one at the scene breaking lead stories."

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