Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thailand, you're doing it wrong.

Thailand Cautions Women Against 'Underboob Selfies' : The Two-Way : NPR: "Citing both potential harm to society and the Computer Crimes Act, Thailand's Culture Ministry is urging women to resist what it says is a new trend of taking photos that focus on the midriff and the lower portion of their breasts. The warning was issued Monday — and a ministry official acknowledged that in speaking out against an online trend, the agency ran the risk of drawing more attention to it. News site Thai Visa reports that Yupha Thaweewattanakijborworn, the director of the Culture Watch Office of the Culture Ministry, "urged the Thai media not to play up the trend if the media has not seen underboob selfies by Thai women yet. She explained that such reports might backfire rather than doing good to the society." Noting that Thailand's Computer Crimes Act of 2007 includes a provision against pornography, Reuters says offenders who are convicted could face five years in prison."

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