Thursday, June 27, 2013


6/27 - hyperx 4x10, chins x10/8-2/7-3/7-3, row1 8x8, row2 4x10, pulldowns 8x8, 1ADBC 4x10, wrist c/x x18/9, 16/8 -- gtg COCT

Awesome - Before And After Fat Loss | jackedgamer: 170lb weight loss through the...:
"170lb weight loss through the Beachbody programmed called Power 90. (This came before P90x) I used to be 440lbs, I am a gamer, I lost the majority of my weight while playing World of Warcraft as a hardcore raider (Just so you know its possible to lose weight and still be a gamer ;) and I won $1,000 for my transformation story."

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