Tuesday, May 21, 2013


5/21 - assisted Amosov squat 2x50, Hindu squats 2x50, glute bridge 2x50, prisoner squats 2x25, hip thrust 2x25, 1LDL 2x25, air squats x25, cossack squat x30, assisted pistols x16, neck bridge 2x20

5/20 - superset chins & dips x10/8/6/4/2, 6/5/4/3/2/1, 8/6/4/2, 8/7/6/4/4 - superset bw row/band press 6x10, 5x8

5/18 & 19 - P90X2 D90 & 91 - Rest
That finishes up this round of P90X2.  Overall, great program.  The balance, core and skill work was pretty brutal/difficult for me, I was still spazzing and tripping all over myself as much at the end of the 90 days as in the beginning.  Felt like it anyways.  No drastic body comp changes, due in the main to the sheer volume of beer and assorted junk food I've consumed over the last 3 months.  Monday to Friday was generally pretty good, but I tended to blow it out on the weekends.  Weighed in and did a waist measurement on Friday, and my markers were 5lbs lighter and a half inch off the waist.  But between Friday AM and Monday AM, scale weight went up 10lbs [and now, as of Monday evening, has gone back down 3lbs.  Scales are tricksy, don't really mean a lot all the time, but are good for tracking general tendencies...]  And on Friday tested my general strength markers [pullups, dips, pushups] and all my numbers improved:
2/11  -  pullups 17, dips 20, pushups 41
5/17 - pullups 20, dips 29, pushups 55
Worth noting I hit 23 pullups about 3.5 weeks ago.  Chalk up the 3 rep loss to general fatigue, having done the yoga routine earlier in the day, and I began celebrating finishing 90 days with beer before realizing I wanted to check my benchmarks.  So there's that.
Overall, slightly lighter, leaner and stronger after 90 days, despite going off the rails nutritionally a bunch.
I'll take it.

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