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Today's Internets - Warren Ellis Speaks Clever, Wise, Drunk.

"I bet that with a just little biohacking, heroin could go from scary drug to low-carb superfood in no time"

"keeping mealtimes interesting for a teenage daughter: waving a machete while intoning “THE EMBACONING COMMENCES”"

"it seems this bottle of dark mead makes me mighty like Mind Viking and yet easily confused like… easily confused thing"

"I bring joy to the world. I am filled with mirth and sunlight. Also, I am Batman."

"“CRUSH THEM LIKE MONKEY” may be the worst piece of advice I’ve ever given to another writer. Or the best. One of the two."

 "Rules for my new readers: you have to commit a crime & tell the arresting officer I made you do it. Helps me sell books."

Interesting.  While a fit physique is a goodness [not to mention a sign of self-control, passion, persistence, discipline, self respect, focus, etc...] when saying whether or not a woman is attractive, my first cue is/I've always been a "face" guy.  Apparently, that's a thing/I am not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

"Men who are looking for short-term companionship are more interested in a woman's body than those looking for a long-term relationship, who focus on a woman's face, researchers have found. 

A woman's body provides cues about her state of fertility while her face gives insight into her long-term reproductive value, according to previous research. So the new findings from the study by researchers at the University of Texas, US, suggest that men seeking a short-term relationship have psychological adaptations to look for partners who are fertile and can produce offspring. But isn't the finding obvious? 

Explains Jaime Confer, one of the authors of the study, "That's the reaction we have most frequently received in response to our findings. People think it makes intuitive sense once they hear the pattern of our results. I suspect though that people would have generally predicted a priori that men would prioritise a woman's body, relative to her face, in both short- and long-term mating contexts..."

"If a man is presented with a choice between a butterface (ugly face, hot body, everything “but her face”) and a myspace angle (cute face, ugly body), his decision will depend in part on whether he’s down for a short-term fling or if he’s seeking a long-term lover. The reason for this is not hard to figure out upon reflection: the prime directive is to survive and reproduce, and that means, for men, getting seed into womb (or wombs, as the opportunity may present). A man with pump and dumps on his mind will shift focus to girls with highly fertile bodies, placing less emphasis on their faces. His divining rod will target women with 0.7 WHRs, 17-23 BMIs, fruitfully ripening in the age range of 22-29. Since he’s not planning on investing much time or energy in his little red curvette, he doesn’t sweat the worry of romantically gazing into the limpid eyes of a plain jane year after year.

A man who is more K-selected... feels a cosmic pull toward hitching himself to a woman for the long term so that his few kids have a shot to thrive in a resource-restricted environment. It’s the quality over quantity strategy. To this man, a woman’s facial prettiness matters, a lot. He’s gotta look at her and provide for her for a long time, and he won’t be much inspired to do either if her face isn’t intoxicating. The body is still important (fat chicks left out in cold again, news at 11), but now the contours of her face have become a crucial determinant of her acceptability as a mate...

This is the theory. In practice, such choices rarely come up, because there is a strong correlation between a woman’s facial prettiness and her body attractiveness. When a rift between body and face does occur in the same woman, it is typically a butterface. Homely-faced women with slender boffable bodies are more common than pretty-faced women with unappealing bodies. Fat chicks stir the needle a little toward myspace anglers, but just a little, because it doesn’t take much weight gain until a girl’s face begins to display the deformity that is evident in her body...

Another point worth making is that men, regardless of their mating strategies, will only choose between butterfaces and myspace anglers when they HAVE to choose. Most men, given a free choice, will choose women who are blessed with both. Plotting cads and plodding dads will both choose the woman who has it all, face and body (and yeah, personality too...)"

"So we’ve all been there, guys and gals. You’re standing there at the bar, and all of the sudden a member of the opposite sex walks in that you have never met. Immediately you turn to your group of friends, and what do you do? Only the most completely superficial thing known to mankind: reduce that person’s aggregate self-worth to a number between 1-10. Now we all know the inherent problems with the traditional 1-10 rating system. Sure it’s simple, but how do you come up with one number to describe the intricate differences between various people? Surely not all 7′s or 8′s or 9′s are created equal. While some people utilize the decimal system to help with this problem, it just isn’t enough. Now let me introduce you to the area code system.

Okay, here is how it works. Every human being on the planet can be adequately described using a three-digit number (i.e. area code). The first digit denotes the rating of how attractive the face is (0-9). The second digit describes whether you would sleep with that person or not (0=no, 1=yes). And finally, the third digit describes how attractive the person’s body is (0-9). It’s a discrete and yet simple way to judge others in public without actually meeting them..."

"I take a bipartisan approach to Washington, DC’s political scandals and find myself savoring them all, regardless of the party that is in control of the White House. Any sane person would conclude that all administrations and bureaucracies essentially are corrupt given that they thrive on the exertion of power of other people. We know about the corrupting influence of power, and DC has become like ancient Rome that way. It’s a magnet for those seeking favor, money, or a big title administering some pointless program...

I visited DC last week and was astounded at the booming economy, the endless new construction, the astronomical prices, and garish displays of wealth everywhere -- not to mention the haughty attitudes of every pissant assistant to the whatever. That’s what Other People’s Money buys you. When Ronald Reagan talked about the Shining City on the Hill he was speaking metaphorically about America, but the new shining city is DC -- funded on the backs of all those Americans who blithely vote for people who promise to solve their problems...

That’s the main lesson from this latest mess: the federal government is an untamable beast. These superficial scandals are nothing compared to the things we will never learn -- i.e., the way the CIA conducts its business overseas. Still, there are so many things to savor as President Obama circles the drain. Obama has always exuded an intellectual arrogance. Yet if he’s so smart, why would his Justice Department target reporters? The national media has fawned over the president, but the quickest way to end that love affair is to go after their personal records...

Government is about power and force. Many people charged with power over others will abuse it. That’s human nature. Unfortunately, the nation’s founding ideals -- limited, accountable government, with separated powers and checks and balances -- have been fading away. Government is so big that even the president and the attorney general claim they have no idea what their departments are doing. I almost believe them."

"In response to reading that Farrah Abraham was pretending she got pregnant by James Deen while filming her professional pornographic movie that she tried to lie and say was a leaked sex tape, swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen tweeted this: 
farrah abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. in other news you’re a whore and everyone hates you whoops not other news sorry
Surprisingly considering the subject matter that they themselves make fun of, this set off the Slut-Shaming Alarm™ over at Jezebel where Tracie Egan Morrissey proceeded to ironically call Chrissy Teigen a slut herself and a stupid swimsuit model for having the audacity to shame a woman’s sexual expression that any sane person would recognize had the right to be shamed to Holy Fucktown and back. In fact, after Jezebel’s slam-piece, Chrissy went on to write a well-written post on her blog attacking the double standards of the terms “man-whore” and “slut” while also pointing out that Farrah is still a giant lying whore. Sometimes a spade is just a spade that tries to squirt its way back on to reality television. Which hasn’t deterred Jezebel because as of this morning, humor police officer Lindy West called Chrissy a “slut-shamey prude monster.” Haha! Modern feminism, you so cray."

"(301): A drawer in my room has nothing but a large feather quill, a wine glass, and a 15" Bowie knife. If you could put my life in a drawer I think that would be it."

"(312): So that 100 days of sobriety thing I told you about last week? Lasted all of 4 days. Fuck it, life's too short"

"Prince Johnson, a former warlord best known for videotaping himself as he ordered the torture of Liberia's ex-president, announced that he is quitting the political party he founded. For years since the end of Liberia's civil war, Johnson has tried to erase his violent past, first becoming a pastor and later running for office. He was already a senator when he founded the National Democratic Union Party to run for president in the 2011 election. On Friday, he told The Associated Press he was leaving the party because the party's executives "do not have regard for me as the standard-bearer, founder and financier." In 1990, Johnson's rebel group kidnapped then-President Samuel Doe. In the hours before Doe's execution, Johnson videotaped himself sipping beer, while his men cut off Doe's ears."

The comments here cracked me up/dropped some truth bombs - What If Men Stopped Chasing Much-Younger Women? - Hugo Schwyzer - The Atlantic:
[The premise]
What seems harmless and natural, however, is neither. A culture in which older men value younger women more than their own female peers does damage to everyone.

[From the comments]
You sound as silly a social conservative trying to argue that gay marriage will destroy America. I wonder if you realize that.


Also, why do I want to be challenged in a relationship? The world is challenging enough. When I come home from a hard day's work, the last thing I need is to have more crap flung at me at home. What I want from my wife is support and that's what I aim to provide her as well. The whole idea that men need to be challenged and pushed and prodded to change has to be the outright daftest idea of the contemporary feminist cannon. No wonder so many people are clinically depressed.


You can't seem to discern the difference between having a partner who challenges you to be your best self, and someone throwing "throwing crap" at you. In other words, you are proving the author's point exactly.


I agree. I always challenge my overweight girlfriend to lose weight to be her best self and our relationship is much healthier because of it. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that I'm giving her crap.


While I appreciate the good fat shaming work you're doing (not sarcasm), many men want a supportive partner, not a ball buster. Inspiration bests challenge.


When will we see..."What If Women Stopped Chasing Much Wealthier, Higher Status Men?" Male mate preference bad/unfair, female mate preference obvious and fair!"

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