Thursday, April 23, 2009

Training 319-321.

320 - Biking all over town, in every direction seemingly against the wind, counts as today's NEPA/cardio. Screw you, it does count.

319 - PT - DB RDL/Shoulder Press/Row/Side Plank, 15m shadowboxing

Observation: you can consume 4 4% alcohol "ka-ro-ri" Chu-Hi and still have a good workout. Screw it, that's only 4.4 grams carbs. Yes, I did check the label. Don't judge me.

321 - Total wash. Why yes, I was interviewed by the security officer from the Dept of State for my wife's job. And yes, the process, including having to arrange other interviews with various co-workers on the fly was kind of stressful. And yes, I did eat away the tension with fried foods, Venture Bros DVDs and some more Chu-Hi. What of it?

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