Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Training Interruptus.

So today makes 4 missed wkouts. Let's review. Friday... Cindi's visit and going out to eat made me flip my sched and make Friday my rest/free day, with every intention to make it up on Saturday. Saturday arrives, the ladies are off to Grandma's and I'm home alone for the weekend. All alone. Weekends are clearly my kryptonite. No workout gets done. The evening devolves into a junk food marathon. Sunday... there's alcohol. And that's all she wrote for Sunday. Monday, Sandy's back from Grandma's. And there's pizza. Boom. Shot. And Tuesday and today? Well, the disease brought to our shores by Cindi migrated to Sandy, and now to me. I feel like crap. Throat, stomach, head... blah.

All of which make for very viable excuses. But doesn't change the fact that I'm clearly fucking up. So I should try to figure out why.

And I think the thing is that recently I'm not looking forward to my workouts. They're not jazzing me or getting me motivated. Make no mistake, the P90X wkout is a great workout, and hard as hell, and it is still kicking my ass... I'm just not really all that excited to do it. And it's starting to feel like a chore instead of something I want to do. And that's not gonna be a good thing if I end up looking at it like that. I think what it is, is that it is really structured. And lately that feels constricting rather than something I can "depend" on.

Lately I've been wanting to move more weights - and the P90X does have weight training - but they determine the exercises, the sets, the reps... I've been jazzing to do more compound movements, more explosive stuff, maybe a different bodypart split or a full body energy-systems routine... but I feel locked in to the 90 day program because I said I'd do it.

And so I think this respite of whatever germ-cold nonsense I've got going through my system will give me a chance to think... do I really want to grind out this last month of P90X just because I said that was the plan, even though it doesn't feel like what I want to be doing... or, do I fire myself up and just start putting together my own training again? I think, honestly that I'm leaning towards the latter.

Be back soon.


  1. weakling (immune system that is). whatever i took to your shores only took two days to cycle through me AND i still managed to run about 8km both days. don't know what your wife did to it.

    btw, the gymboss rocks. of course i wanted to throw it a couple of times when i thought it was not counting down the seconds fast enough...

  2. Whatever, vector-girl.

    2 days? You had it when you got here and you had it Saturday when you guys went to baachan's? You may know disease, but math escapes you.

    Yeah, in truth, it's not terrible-terrible. Started feeling it Tues night, Wed sucked, Thurs was better and this AM I just have a twinge in my throat. Anyways...