Friday, May 23, 2008

You cannot, in fact, do whatever a spider can. [Or why Peter Parker is a goddamn liar.]

Getting bit by a spider does not actually give you superpowers.

So, the first reason my week sucked... here we go. Warning, less than pleasant pics ahead. Last Saturday I noticed some swelling around my right eyebrow. Pimple? Mosquito bite? Maybe.

Pre-emptive Mom Snider paragraph - Yes, I'm okay now. Yes, I went to the doctor. Yes, twice. And I'm going again tomorrow. I'm taking all the medicine they gave me. It hurt before but it's okay now. Thank you and I'll be careful. Love you too.

So I wake up Sunday morning and uh-oh. The swelling is worse. And kinda sore and painful. And Sunday is my school's sports festival. Fuck. Go into school, make my apologies. Sandy takes me over to the hospital. Hospitals on the weekend here in the land of the Rising Sun are not Japan's finest hour. Doc gives me some ointment and some pills.

Sunday pic.

Monday pic. Worse. You can't really tell, cause it's taken face-on to the swelling, but it's swollen pretty far out to the side. Called out sick from work.

Tuesday pic. Starting to get a little gruesome here. Definitely called out from work.

Wednesday PM pic. Wednesday AM, my trusty BOE supervisor took me back out to the hospital and the doc took one look at me and broke out the scalpel. A bit of local, a cut, and then the doc focused all of his bodyweight through his fingers as he pushed blood, pus and infected material out of the hole in my eyebrow. It was not fun. And it hurt like a motherfucker. BUT. While this pic looks about as bad as the previous, it relieved a whole lot of the pain and swelling. And that drainage + the awesome antibiotics they gave me started me on the road to recovery.[And I don't even care if the superbugs kill us all. My eye feels better.]

Thursday. Recovering! You can now see the white of my eye again. Huzzah!

So Friday, today, it's even better. Back to school to teach classes, have dozens of students ask me whatsup with my eye, and show gruesome pictures to other teachers so they know I wasn't out goofing off. [Not that they would, but you know...]

Final tally - the docs can't say for sure what it was, but most likely an insect bite of some kind that got infected. Through my own internet sleuthing, it was most likely some kind of spider bite. I had something similar in Hawaii once, on my torso, and another one the last time we lived in Japan, but that one was only on my knee. This was probably the worst of the three though, especially since it was so close to my eye. Not being able to see right was frustrating as hell. Ah well, done is done.

But yeah, my week sucked.

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