Friday, May 23, 2008

The FBI, brave defenders of freedom *AND* retarded idiots.

Awesome, because they do this - Crooks and Liars » DOJ Inspector General Report: FBI Concerns About Torture “Ignored”:
"The Department of Justice’s inspector general has finally released its report on the FBI’s involvement in detainee interrogations in Guantanamo, Afghanistan and Iraq. Reuters reports that the “Bush administration’s top security officials ignored FBI concerns” and that the “FBI, alarmed by interrogation techniques such as the use of snarling dogs and forced nudity, clashed with the Defense Department and CIA over their use.”"

Retarded morons because they do this - FBI looking for vegan potluck terrorists - Boing Boing:
"'FBI tries to convince man to infiltrate vegan potluck events to look for terrorists in Minneapolis/St. Paul, site for the 2008 Republican National Committee Convention this summer.'"

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