Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why Japan is better than where you live.

I don't even smoke [unless really, really drunk], yet I am completely stoked that this is from the country I live in. God bless choice! [And inane marketing too, apparently.]

Urban Dirt - Times Online - WBLG: You Can't Beat the Feeling! (of coffee and a snout):
"But perhaps the most fearsome example of denial arises from the supposed gulf between coffee and cigarettes. You know they go together, I know they go together, everyone who has ever tried the combination knows immediately that they are as perfect a pairing as Terry and June. Secretly, it now seems, even Coca-Cola knows they go together. But corporate sensibilities leave coffee and cigarettes as star cross'd lovers: obviously meant to be together, but separated by cruel fate and social pressure. It's no coincidence that the most coffee-friendly cigar bears the tragic name Romeo Y Julietta.

But Japan, bless its politically incorrect little socks, has shamelessly united these two titans of sensation. Yes, AM-PM have started selling a combo pack of Marlboro cigarettes with a can of Emblem Black Georgia coffee - the leading coffee brand of Coca-Cola Japan."

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