Saturday, January 26, 2008

If the world were just, Shy Theerakulstit would be a star.

He even makes goofy "5 things about you" vlogs funny.

"That's inappropriate Asian Groucho Marx."

And he's responsible for what may be my favorite internet vid ever, that I did post last year, but dammit, here it is again.

Cause it's just that damn good.

"ASIANS: The Asian Response to Asian Responders."

You're screwing up the plan!

Japan "surrenders."

...the Cold War. Which, of course, we orchestrated.

...China is taken over by so called communists to cover up laying the foundation for becoming the foremost capitalist superpower of the 21st century.

...Vietnam plants the seeds of fear and marginalization of Asians in the US, plus... we just kind of thought it was funny.

1973. We fake Bruce Lee's Death...

George Takei marries Tim Hardaway.

2020, total economic and cultural colonization of America. A simple 75 year plan laid out by the Five Gold Tigers and set into motion by Emperor Hirohito...

A thousand ninja warriors, riding on samurai, wrapped up in Shaolin monks..."

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