Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jon's Birthday

Friday eve was fellow ALT Jon's birthday. A Hawaiian native, he had a get together - tabehodai, nomihodai [all you can eat/drink, for you non-linguists out there] at the Alohana restaurant in Fukuoka. Great food there, and always some Jack Johnson or IZ on the speakers.

The birthday boy himself, on at least his third shot of the evening, with a birthday cake made out of that Hawaiian staple, Spam Musubi.

The face one makes after somebody [Hi Kathy! Hi Sandy!] switches out a shot that looks like a mild Kamikaze for a 99 proof Spiritus shot.

This is Kathy, totally faking a reaction to a shot made of water! Oscar nomination anyone?

At some point, Jon dragged balloon artists off the street to come join the party for a while. Alcohol makes you do funny things.

More shots.

Hey everybody! Kathy's drunk! Isn't she a cute shade of red?

...and more shots.

...and even more shots.

You know, I'm getting a little old to be doing shots at birthday parties.
Let alone shots of blue stuff.
Let alone shots of flaming blue stuff.

"Hey! Everybody look at me! I've apparently spilled something on myself."

Happy Birthday Jon...

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