Sunday, August 28, 2005

Realism 101

Via Kung Fu Monkey:

"...Some of you may wish to shop my (admittedly dubious) liberal cred after this, but I'm not generically anti-war. I'm actually a rather fervent interventionist. Sometimes you need to give peace a chance, and sadly sometimes you actually do need to beat the plowshares back into Bradley Fighting Plows. I fully supported Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan -- my main bitch with the last being that we needed to stay there and do it right, not bugger off and leave it unfinished. I think we should be in Darfur. With the right alliance and leadership in place, one could sweet talk me into invading North Korea. (Yep, that's the sound of my friends' jaws dropping)

My main problem with the IraqWar2 always was that it was obviously going to be a brutal reconstruction, and nobody seemed to be talking about that. I'm not against armed intervention; I'm against armed intervention by people who I suspect will fuck it up. Badly.

...You can always ask the American public to show resolve in support of a detailed strategy. You cannot ask the American public to make that resolve take the place of a nonexistent strategy."

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