Monday, October 20, 2014

Training - "...harden the fuck up."

10/20 - press, btn press/push press, seated db press, side swings, plate front raise, plate halos, side/rear lateral combo, treadmill intervals, stretch

"Forget all the fad equipment. The barbell is king, the dumbbell is queen, and everything else is a court jester."— Jim Wendler 

LIFT-RUN-BANG: The Lifer Series Part 9 - I will cut off emotional leeches and vagrants: "Failures in life are not only inevitable, but a requirement for getting better.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.  Period.  Unless you are a prodigy, everything you do in life will come with some success, and some failure.  It's what you do with that failure that defines whether you get bitter, or better. Learning how to be happy with who you are is most often about what to do with those failures.  A failure could be something that steers you away from something you shouldn't have been doing in the first place.  Like a job, or a relationship, or MMA fighting, or smoking crack.  It may not be evident at that moment, and may not reveal itself until later, but if you dwell on the "failure" aspect of the present, instead of looking to the future, you will stay mired in the sludge and quicksand. If you are ever to eradicate the blackness that envelopes you, you must come to terms with the fact that crawling out of the depths of it means your hands will become blistered and torn.  At times the climb will be incredibly painful, and you will question if it's really worth it.  However you have to focus on the goal.  The goal is to climb up and rise out.  Not to do so unscathed.  The blisters and blood and pain is all part of the climb, not part of "failing". 

Death is winning...    At the end of the day, we are all inevitably carcasses on the safari planes we call life.  Do the winds echo your name with a whisper of respect, dignity, strength, honesty, and integrity?  Do they whisper that you were a coward, backstabber, leech, and liar? Or do they not even whisper you were here at all? Build your body to make it strong.  You cannot protect or provide for anything or anyone, if you are weak and feeble.     Be responsible for your decisions, and don't pass the buck.  You get all of the power in regards to your own actions.  No one can MAKE you feel anything.  You decide that for yourself. Cut off emotional vagrants and leeches.  You must learn how to let go of a hand that is attached to someone that desires the abyss.     Cast out backstabbers, and liars.  You have no reason to keep anyone who fits this description in your life.  Most important, don't become either of the two. Stop caring what others are doing that have no matter in your life.  Your own accomplishments and purpose should be at the forefront of what your energy is going into. Have specific goals in lifting and life.  Your next minute or hour is not promised to you.  Don't drift aimlessly in the pit of iron or in life, not knowing what you are doing. Find your purpose, accept the responsibilities that come with it, and harden the fuck up."

Dmitry Klokov is Awesome.  LIFT-RUN-BANG: Montreal overview: "Dmitry was BIG on getting the muscles stronger in order to build the lifts.  This had me nodding in agreement a lot.  It's something I don't see a lot of powerlifters doing in their offseason when not training for a competition.  That is, they are still in "build the lift" mode and not in "make the muscle bigger and stronger mode".  The latter will carryover directly into the former.  What's funny is, the old timers knew this but it seems to be lost on a large portion of the guys lifting today.  I see guys not training for a meet still trying to hit 1 rep maxes in the gym the whole offseason.  I honestly believe this is due to youtube, and I'm not even kidding.   Spend your offseason trying to get bigger, and get the muscles involved with the lift stronger via reps.  Not "testing".  I've harped on this so many times, but it was great to hear that Dmitry had the exact same philosophy. ..

Dmitry doesn't like foam rollers.  He likes to use the barbell for that.  He has a bunch of ways to use the bar like most people use the foam roller.  And he does this a lot.  He puts the bar in the rack at waist height and then puts his low back on it, and goes up and down.  Then sits on it and does hamstrings.  He will lay sideways on a bench, and run the bar up and down his body.  Basically, he used the barbell for all the ways most people use foam rolling.  He thought foam rolling was silly when all this time you had a barbell to be doing this shit on...
On day 1 of Dmitry being there, after he was done with his Olympic stuff and the class cleared out for lecture he asked him to go train with him.  Well how am I going to say no to that?  So I asked him what we would do.  He wanted to bench press, oddly enough.  All he did was 5 sets of 12-15 at 225.  Very smoothly and controlled.  While we were benching, he looked around at the massive gym we were in and goes..."I don't understand all of these machines?"  "You mean, you don't know how to use them or don't like them?" I said.  He hesitated for a moment then said "Both."  I laughed and then he said, "Everything you want to do, can be done with barbell.  Just barbell.  In Russia just barbell only.  And everything can be done.  If injured, then yes, I can see using them some that, but otherwise, barbell only...

I have too many Dmitry jokes to list.  So for some of them..... I told Dmitry a joke..."what's red and bad for your teeth?  A brick."  He didn't laugh.  The next day at lunch he looks at me and goes "I think about  It's very funny.  I like it...

His preferred training music is hip hop.  NOT RAP.  He was very adamant there was a difference in rap and hip hop."

"He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch." - Godard

We Still Have Little Idea Who We’ve Been Killing with Drones in Pakistan - Hit & Run : "Only 704 of the 2,379 dead have been identified, and only 295 of these were reported to be members of some kind of armed group. Few corroborating details were available for those who were just described as militants. More than a third of them were not designated a rank, and almost 30% are not even linked to a specific group. Only 84 are identified as members of al Qaeda – less than 4% of the total number of people killed. These findings "demonstrate the continuing complete lack of transparency surrounding US drone operations," said Mustafa Qadri, Pakistan researcher for Amnesty International."


LIFT-RUN-BANG: Getting Jacked - Part 1 - Testosterone: "If a woman gets you, her job is to keep you, and she does this by making you more feminine.  Again, this isn't my opinion, this is scientific fact.  So if you don't want to put artificial substances in your body to combat the estrogen wave that comes from being hitched or with the same woman too long, stay single, bang chics, and you won't have a problem.  Otherwise, you know the solution.  This is not an anti-woman rant.  I love my wife with every fiber of my being and she's the best thing that ever happened to me.  She's also stupid hot, lifts heavy weights, thinks chic flicks and minivans are for pussies, loves MMA and football, sends me dirty text messages, and is overall supremely awesome.  But she's a rarity.   Men today are wimpier in regards to test than they were in the 1940's.  I personally blame the assholes who preach that men need to be in touch with their softer, gentler side, and prop up a "today's man" as some pussy in skinny legged jeans with a faux hawk who couldn't protect what he owns or defend his woman if his life depended on it.  I mean do you see more Dan Henderson's or Adam Lambert's walking around these days?  Exactly."

Food Log - "Don't let the lard get out of control for mass gains. After you get so fat, your body just becomes very good at getting FATTER."

10/13 - coffee, cream, water, Animal Pump, Cannibal Inferno, Cannibal DaVinci, milk, eggs, Milk&Egg protein, Cod Liver Oil, roast chicken, roast chicken stew [chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, stock]

10/14 - coffee, cream, water, Animal Pump, Cannibal Inferno, Cannibal DaVinci, milk, eggs, Milk&Egg protein, Cod Liver Oil, chocolate milk, roast chicken stew [chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, stock]

10/15 - coffee, cream, water, Animal Pump, Cannibal Inferno, Cannibal DaVinci, milk, eggs, Milk&Egg protein, Cod Liver Oil, roast chicken stew [chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, stock], buffalo & cranberry Warrior bar, Coke Zero

10/16 - coffee, cream, water, Animal Pump, Cannibal Inferno, milk, eggs, Milk&Egg protein, Cod Liver Oil, buffalo & Cranberry Warrior bar

10/17 - coffee, cream, water, milk, buffalo & Cranberry Warrior bar,  milk, eggs, Milk&Egg protein, Cod Liver Oil

10/18 - coffee, cream, chocolate milk, water - Lunch Buffet/Much Food/Wow Alcohol/So Pictures - donuts, milk

10/19 - coffee, cream, chocolate milk, eggs, pancakes, butter, syrup, hash browns, milk, oatmeal, bacon, cappucino, banana milk, cookies, Coke Zero

LIFT-RUN-BANG: Getting Jacked - Part 3 - The Lift-Run-Bang diet: "The only benefit of getting fatter in terms of lifting is to improve leverages for a lift.  That's it.  Period.  And if you aren't competing then who the fuck are you getting fat for?  Youtube?  Mom?  Who?  Chics don't care what you lift.  Your non-lifting buddy really doesn't give that much of a shit believe it or not.  You hitting crab poses in your catshit ridden basement after you benched 3 plates for the first time because you larded up is disgraceful.   Smash yourself in the junk with a Cricket bat. 

...if you are a natural guy then doing the bulk/diet thing really isn't going to work for you like it does for guys using "supplements".  I've written about this before and it's just a fact of training life.  When a guy can use something that will hold on to lean mass even on a starvation diet, he has an edge a natural guy does not have. This is why most natural bodybuilders do not do the crazy offseason bulk thing, where guys using do.  Because the natural guys know it would take too damn long to diet down and get in shape, and the fact is they would eat through hard earned muscle after dieting that long. I have talked about this MANY times, and notables such as Shelby Starnes and Lyle McDonald have talked and written about it at length.  Don't let the lard get out of control for mass gains.  After you get so fat, your body just becomes very good at getting FATTER.  And then you wake up one day and someone responds to your bragging of 3 plate benching in catshit basement with "You lift weights?"   You need to put shit back into perspective. 

If you don't compete, but want to look jacked then getting rid of worthless fat is pretty much a given.  This is not about getting into 4-5% bodyfat range because I don't really see a big need for that either, unless you're a competitive bodybuilder. We're talking 8-10% here.  That's lean and athletic looking.  And the fact is, getting leaner will actually give you the appearance of being bigger, your body will function better.  But aside from that, when you think of guys that are mega yoked, I promise you they are pretty much always lean."

"...lastly, salad.  No."

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Training - Unplanned Weekend Bonus Workout.

10/18 - squats, split squats, walking lunges, calf press, leg xt, calf raise - 420 total reps/because of reasons

"I will not care what anyone else can do; it affects me not.   
 For a long time, I sat and looked at the computer screen at those words, and I thought about what to write.  That I could write about all the years that I spent hating who I was, or better yet, who I wasn't.  I could write about how I never felt like anything that I accomplished never meant anything or that I never measured up to anyone.  I wanted to do something that defined me.  That made people admire me, or at least, admire that thing that I did.  "Fuck yeah, I need that.  I want that more than anything.  The admiration of my peers and my family.  That will mean I'm worth something.  Something I do that is remarkable, something worth bragging about." I could write about that. Or, I could write about how I hated other people who did things that I wanted to be able to do.  That I hated sometimes when they received the adoration of their superiors and peers.  Not all the time, mind you.  Just when it was something I too wanted to be good at.   "Fuck that asshole.  I hope a dog-man runs out of the god damn woods, full of aids and hate, and bites him in his asshole and tears his kidney out through it!  DIE DIE DIE!!!!"  Ok so that's not really true.  I know that dog-mans can't have AIDS. Maybe my hate wasn't really THAT venomous either.  But I do remember feeling awfully shitty about myself, and feeling somewhat jealous towards said individuals for standing in shoes that I so wished to be wearing...

What I thought I'd write about instead, was how I learned how to grok not caring. Some people think that's a negative statement, or that it is stained in black, then lacquered in a coat of apathy. Hardly. Learning how to not care, eventually gave me all of the things I wanted.  Because it allowed me to let my negative energy dissipate, and made me stop focusing on things that had I had zero control over, and no real meaning in my life. If some guy deadlifts 850 what does that really have to do with me? Nothing. If some other guy looks like a more jacked version of Conan, what did I lose or gain from it? Nothing. What?  Motivation to get better? Motivation is fucking bullshit.

Getting better should be something you’re already about. Not something you need to be goaded into. I’m not saying some things don’t light a bigger fire under your ass than others, but if you have to seek out reasons to get better, you’re losing. Meaning, If it requires some outside force to resonate with something inside of you, you aren’t in possession of what it takes to get better all on your own. How will you CONSISTENTLY get better if it requires the dangling carrot to do make you do so? At some point you have to decide that getting better is just a part of what you are. What makes you, you. When that happens you won’t need “devices” in order to get better. It will just be something you do. If you were isolated in a room with your weights for 10 years, would you get better without the influence of external forces? I hope you can say yes to that. If not, figure out how to say yes to that."

Friday, October 17, 2014

Training - "99.99% of the time getting to a place you desire to be will mean spending a lot of time embracing discomfort."

10/17 - pullups, pushups, farmer's walk

LIFT-RUN-BANG: The things that are going to hold you back in training: "So why are you in search for something more complicated when the answer is right in front of you? Training?  Lift three to four times a week.  Base your training around the big lifts.  Squat, press, deadlift, row, chin, dip, do some arm work.  Sets of 3-5 work really well for strength development.  Sets of 10+ seem to be more efficient for hypertrophy. Diet?  Get 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.  After that, manipulate your carbs and fat up or down depending on if you need to gain muscle, or lose fat. If you want to lose fat, bodyweight x 10 for total calories a day is a decent baseline to start at.  So if you're 250 pounds, then 2500 calories a day is about where you need to be.  This is a fairly aggressive model, but so what?  If that scares you, start at bodyweight x 12 for total calories per day. If you want to gain mass, it's about 18-20 x bodyweight.  So if you're 200 pounds, then it's about 3,600 to 4,000 calories a day.  Yes, it's a rough guideline and someone will want to debate all the "in betweens" and that's part of the fucking problem. Debating every little nuance of training and nutrition does nothing but cause paralysis by analysis...

I had to embrace something I wasn't really comfortable doing in order to get to where I needed to be. And THAT is what lifting and life is going to be about sometimes.  I could machine gun off a million cliche's about that right now but I will spare you.  The point is, nothing that is worth attaining will come easy.  If it does, good for you.  However 99.99% of the time getting to a place you desire to be will mean spending a lot of time embracing discomfort. If you're not willing to do that, then it's likely you won't ever see the things you desire come to pass... If you want to find your own personal greatness, then get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  The amount of discomfort you are willing to submit yourself to is generally in parallel with the amount of greatness you're trying to attain...

If you train long enough you're going to have a string of training sessions where everything sucks, and seemingly nothing goes your way. Finding confidence again during those times can feel like a monumental task.  After all, when life is raining shit on you it's hard to smile about the sunshine. Remember that the lows in training are teaching you an awful lot.  Also keep in mind that in training, just like in life, that the present is never permanent.  The only constant is change.  If you keep plugging away progress will eventually be forthcoming again, and you will find momentum again. You also need to remind yourself that confidence, like self esteem, is really a state of mind.  It is up to you to make a choice to decide how you feel.  I think sometimes it's hard for people to get their head around the fact that they can empower themselves that much.  If you don't feel confident, it is likely because you are dwelling on the wrong things, and for the most part just need to change your state of mind."

"Equality is a slogan based on envy." - Alexis de Tocqueville

We'll know this year, then.  Phrases from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "...a group of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings demand to learn the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, specially built for this purpose. It takes Deep Thought 7½ million years to compute and check the answer, which turns out to be 42."

Must see.

Stop Letting Politicians Scare You Into War in the Middle East - "ISIS has its hands full fighting Syrian, Iraqi, and Kurdish forces, so why the hysteria that some new and unprecedented threat faces the American people? Because irresponsible politicians know that public fear breeds public acquiescence. Yet the Obama administration must have thought that ISIS wasn't threatening enough, because during the first airstrikes in Syria, U.S. bombs also hit a hitherto unknown group said to be planning an imminent attack on America, the Khorasan Group. The first reason for skepticism is that the administration has redefined imminent also to mean not imminent. A second reason is that hardly anyone had heard of the Khorasan Group, and it seemed to disappear as quickly as it arose."

Seems Legit.

Why we need to fix St. Louis County - The Washington Post: "Occupancy permits are just one of the myriad ways in which these municipalities can sap funds from poor people. Basically, if you live in St. Louis County, you’re required to get one for your residents. It doesn’t matter if you rent or own. The police can then periodically make compliance checks (although generally they conduct these checks after they’ve been called to a residence for another reason, like a noise complaint or domestic dispute). If there are more people in your place than your permit allows, they can fine you and each person in your home. Attorneys I spoke to say the regulation can end up being a way to enforce antiquated local laws against unmarried cohabitation, and judging by comments you sometimes hear in courtrooms or from local officials, a way for police and prosecutors to essentially fine people for having premarital sex. You can probably guess which communities are most likely to be subjected to these occupancy inspections."
Why we need to fix St. Louis County - The Washington Post: "If you’ve read my report, you might remember that Bel-Ridge is the town of 2,700 people that in its budget said it planned to make about $450 this year for every resident. It’s also the town that fined residents for not subscribing to the only authorized municipal trash service, and that in the early 2000s was caught manually changing a green light to red in order to nab unsuspecting motorists. The town is 83 percent black." 
Why we need to fix St. Louis County - The Washington Post: "Pundits and commentators have suggested that these concerns are all overblown. After all, who could object to car registration laws, insurance requirements or speed limits? (For a well-argued but I think ultimately flawed example, see Heather Mac Donald from the Manhattan Institute here.) This all misses the point. When a local government’s very existence depends on its citizens breaking the law — when fines from ordinance violations are written into city budgets for the upcoming year as a primary or even the main expected source of revenue — the relationship between the government and the governed is not one of public officials serving their constituents, but of preying off of them. When the primary mission of a police department isn’t to protect citizens but to extract money from them, and when the cops themselves don’t look like, live near or have much in common with the people from whom they’re extracting that money, you get cops who start to see the people they’re supposed to be serving not as citizens with rights, but as potential sources of revenue, as lawbreakers to be caught. The residents of these towns then see cops not as public servants drawn from their own community to enforce the laws and keep the peace, but as outsiders brought in to harass them, whose salaries are drawn from that harassment. The same goes for the judges and prosecutors, who also rarely live in the towns that employ them.

...a more common example frequently mentioned to me by attorneys in the area is the frequency with which someone will get pulled over and fined for driving without proof of insurance, driving without registration, driving with a suspended license, or all three, but with no citation for a moving violation. The question then becomes, why was this person pulled over in the first place? The unfortunate answer is that he or she looked like someone who might lack insurance, registration or a valid license. Which is to say he or she looked poor. Being poor in St. Louis County not only means that they’re less able to pay for and follow all of these rules and regulations, because the poor are less able to do all of that, but also that they’re more likely to be targeted and harassed even if they have followed all the rules. And as any honest cop will tell you, once an officer has pulled you over, he can always find some reason to fine you."

"3. The U.S. has no boots on the ground. 
The United States already has combat troops in Iraq. A U.S. diplomat acknowledged to me that American spotters in the Kurdish region of Iraq provide coordinates for airstrikes. He said U.S. advisers are armed and would shoot if attacked. If insurgents down an American plane, armed U.S. helicopter teams would go into enemy territory to rescue pilots. By redefining “combat troops,” the U.S. not only wages war in the Middle East, but on the English language. Just one week into the bombing campaign, Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey said the U.S. might have to introduce ground combat troops into Iraq. The White House quickly disavowed the statement, but leading Democratic and Republican hawks are already pressuring Obama to formally introduce combat troops. As the air war proves incapable of destroying IS, the administration will likely introduce more ground troops, perhaps renaming them “limited, temporary, counterinsurgency advisers...

5. The U.S. can fight IS and other extremists without simultaneously helping Bashar Assad, Iran and Hezbollah. 
One year ago, the Obama administration was beating the war drums against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons. Now the U.S. is bombing insurgents opposed to Assad. At the moment the Syrian civil war is a zero sum game. Weakening Assad’s enemies strengthens Assad’s regime. Assad, and his allies Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, are pleased with U.S. attacks on IS. But if ultra-right-wing rebels are weakened, pro-U.S. rebels won’t fill the gap. How long will it take for the U.S. to start bombing Syrian army targets?

6. The U.S. supports only moderate rebels. 
Contrary to conservative criticism, the Obama administration has tried to create pro-U.S. civilian and armed groups. Obama has failed, not because of “lack of leadership” but because Syrians won’t accept U.S. policy. In my interviews inside Syria and neighboring countries, Syrian rebels and opposition activists made clear they opposed the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Washington’s total support for Israel. Every Syrian I ever met wants Israel to return the Golan Heights seized in 1967, for example, but the U.S. isn’t interested in having that discussion. Meanwhile, American allies such as Saudi Arabia have armed extremists such as the al-Nusra Front, a group affiliated with al-Qaida. Saudi Arabia’s ultra-right-wing interpretation of Islam shares many ideological similarities with al-Nusra and IS. Yet the U.S. plans to have Saudi Arabia train “moderate” Syrian rebels, which is like asking Al Capone to train Chicago police cadets...

7. The U.S. fights to defend human rights and the rule of law, not oil. 
Syria and Iraq have faced massive humanitarian crises for the past three years. Yet the U.S. directly intervened militarily only when the oil-rich Kurdish region of Iraq was threatened. Kurdistan contains the world’s ninth-largest reserves of oil and could eventually replace Russia as a major supplier of oil and gas to Europe. Over 50 foreign oil companies now have offices in Kurdistan, many cutting highly profitable oil production deals with Kurdish officials."