Tuesday, July 07, 2015


6/6 - db row, db inc press, goblet squat, chins, dips, leg press, neck nods

Sunday, July 05, 2015

"I don't like bullies. I don't care where they're from."

"...the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion."


7/5 - press/push press, chins, pike pushup/press, curls
7/3 - skip rope, shadowbox, ab work

Gina Hunt on Instagram:: "...if you scroll down my feed, you'll see that I always "kinda" trained and always "kinda" got results -> rewind to just over a year ago. Pretty sure I was close to rock bottom in this one, I had just lost someone I couldn't have anticipated losing. And honestly, I think of myself as a pretty hard person so it came as a shock when it hit me as bad as it did. For some time I managed to convince myself that I didn't belong in this world any more. Everyone has a different coping mechanism and mine is isolation, I just don't see the point in public self pitying because in the end nobody was able to help me if I wasn't willing to help myself first. I knew I needed to fall in love to overcome this loss, so I decided to give myself a temporary aim in life, a new direction; distraction from the numbing emptiness inside my chest. So I decided to compete - prep forced me to focus on each day as it come, exhausted me physically so that all I was able to focus on was the present moment..  I was never in this for the fit body but for the mental strength you gain from living the iron life. The hardbody merely reflects the discipline and dedication. And although I'm proud of all the things accomplished in the process, judgment will find you regardless of your appearance; you will be branded selfish/shallow if you have a six pack and lazy if you don't. So relax, take a breath and just keep doing what you're doing, because in the end, all what really matters is invisible to the eye"

Freedom Brothers - Outwork Workout Motivation: "Successful individuals make the most of their surroundings. They do whatever is necessary to fuel their passion. Rather than making excuses for what they lack, they make the most of what they have. A perfect example of this concept can be seen in the video that follows. Freedom Brothers – Dream Watch how this man (Erik) has turned a wooded area in Slovakia into his own highly effective training grounds. He truly epitomizes the idea that the world is our gym. The physical displays highlighted throughout the video are beyond impressive. There are no secrets to this man’s success however. When the Freedom Brothers contacted me through Facebook, they were quick to point out that Erik has been training consistently for over 7 years. He does not have any overnight miracles to share. He also doesn’t take any supplements or drugs. Instead, he is simply the product of hard and consistent work...
Erik has also worked extremely hard over a long period of time. His passion, diligence, and consistency are responsible for what he has become today. All Erik needs is an open strip of land and he can challenge his body in countless ways. The creativity that he displays is almost as impressive as his physical strength. Erik clearly makes the most of whatever is around him as he sees ordinary objects differently from most. In his eyes, a tree isn’t just a tree and a rock isn’t just a rock. Instead, these are freely accessible tools that can challenge and strengthen the body in ways that most could never imagine. If more people saw the world through Erik’s eyes, physical fitness would be much more common and fun. While he certainly trains hard, I can guarantee that he also enjoys the work. People who see the world as a gym tend to share at least one thing in common. They enjoy the outdoors and the opportunities that it provides the body and mind. Erik didn’t just find himself training outside by accident. There was a concerted effort to venture outside to fuel his passion."

Batman, FTW.

Get It In Anywhere - Anthony "iNatural" Alderman: "At age 53, Anthony Alderman is physically more capable than the vast majority of adults half his age. He performs exercises such as muscle-ups with ease. His physique is also a testament to his hard work and consistency. All of those years of training have created a body that is strong, lean, and capable."
"No Secrets 
It’s obviously great to see a 53 year old man perform at such a high level. What I like most about the story isn’t Anthony’s ability however, but rather the simple approach that he subscribes to with training. There is no secret to his success. Anthony Alderman has trained for longer than many reading this entry have been alive. He is yet another product of hard work and consistency. As far as the exercises he performs, there are some neat variations, but everything is relatively straightforward. There’s nothing overly complicated or flashy. He’s clearly rooted in the fundamentals. The bodyweight squats, pushups, and pull-ups that he performs are available to anyone. The difference therefore between Anthony and others isn’t the exercises that he performs, but rather his willingness to continually perform those exercises on a regular basis. He doesn’t jump from program to program. He’s figured out what he enjoys and what works for him and never strays far from the basics. I’ve often said that the average person does not need anything but a regular dose of a few basic exercises. For example, imagine if it was common for every adult to regularly perform a few sets of pushups, pull-ups, dips, squats, and lunges. That alone would lead to huge improvements in quality of life for many adults. Anyone who suggests otherwise is either ignorant or likely sells gym memberships for a living."




"But nothin' comes out when they move their lips,
Just a bunch of gibberish..."

Eminem, John Malkovich, Randall Park - "Phenomenal"

"Really?  Are you taking a fucking selfie?"
"...I also make beats."

Friday, July 03, 2015

Asset Forfeiture/Theft Under Color of Authority - "This is what freedom looks like these days."

TSA Publicizes Man Traveling with Bag of Cash. Then Feds Seize It. - Hit & Run : Reason.com: "Happy Independence Day weekend, America! What better example of what "freedom" has come to mean in the United States than a situation where an airline passenger, after being prodded and searched by the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA), has his property photographed and publicized online by the TSA and then seized. Was said property a gun or a bomb? Was he arrested and charged with a crime? No and no. It was cash. 

The man was carrying thousands of dollars in a bag through the airport at Richmond, Virginia. According to a TSA spokesperson, the "unknown bulk" of the bag's contents triggered alerts, so they searched and found the money. Then somebody decided they should photograph this man's personal property (by which I mean $75,000 or so) and post it on Twitter. To say that this is a violation of the man's privacy would have to assume that the TSA has any grasp of what privacy even is. 

 There were some outraged responses from some people on Twitter at this flippant exposure by the TSA. But that's just the insult. The injury is that a federal agency then seized the man's cash. He now has to prove that the money is his and that it has no connection to any illegal activities, or the government may just keep it.

...even though it's perfectly legal to carry huge sums of cash onto a plane, if you refuse to answer TSA agents' questions about the money, or they just don't believe you, or they just gin up whatever reason they like, they can summon law enforcement to seize it and then force you to grapple with the federal government's incredibly complicated asset forfeiture process just to try to get it back...

This is what freedom looks like these days. As a reminder, the TSA seems to be able to sniff out cash, which is not why it exists, but not bombs and actual terrorist threats, which is why it exists."

"I want you to remember, Clark… in all the years to come… the one man who beat you."


"...this project aims to mimic the comic’s violent, obscene, spicy, funny, fourth-wall-breaking tone."

Meet Deadpool, the first 'hard-R' rated superhero | EW.com: "Reynolds is channeling his character—the libertine, sarcastic motormouth Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool—but he’s also speaking from the heart. The actor has wanted to play Marvel’s baddest boy for more than a decade. He appeared as a sanitized version of the role in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine (two years before his starring turn in the ill-fated Green Lantern), but this project aims to mimic the comic’s violent, obscene, spicy, funny, fourth-wall-breaking tone, and to let Reynolds and company push the film (out Feb. 12) way past PG-13. “Deadpool is a hard R,” assures producer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past). “It’s graphic. Nothing is taboo. You either commit to a truly outrageous boundary-pushing kind of movie or you don’t.”"

"Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself."

Check out the complete comic at the link.  ZEN PENCILS » 179. MAX EHRMANN: Desiderata: "Desiderata (Latin for ‘things to be desired’) is a famous poem with a complicated history. Max Ehrmann (1872-1945), a lawyer and poet from Indiana, wrote the poem sometime in the 1920s and distributed it locally, although it never received any widespread attention. However in the 1950s, the Reverend of St. Paul’s Church in Baltimore printed the poem in a collection of devotional pieces for his congregation with a notation stating “Old St. Pauls Church, Baltimore A.C. 1692.” As the booklet got distributed more and more over the years, it led to people believing the poem originated with the church and was hundreds of years old, despite the modern style of writing. The wrong credit gained more credibility after the death of American politician Adlai Stevenson in 1965. A copy of Desiderata was found on his bedside table, putting the poem in the spotlight again, but of course it had the incorrect St. Paul’s attribution. It went on to be hugely popular in the late 60s and early 70s among the counter-culture generation. So if you see the poem around with the wrong credit, make sure to give props to Max Ehrmann."

Facts over ideology: "The liberal justices voted against the Obama administration more often than the conservatives did."

Supreme Court liberal on criminal justice issues: Clarence Thomas sided with Obama Administration.: "While the executive branch historically wins 60 to70 percent of its cases in the high court, this year the administration won only 38 percent. The court ruled against the administration in 13 of the 21 cases in which the federal government was a party, including Monday’s important decision curtailing the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate pollution from power plants. The administration’s low win rate might seem to be the inevitable result of ideological disagreements between a liberal president and a conservative court. Yet the data suggest a more surprising story: The liberal justices voted against the Obama administration more often than the conservatives did. 

The two justices who cast the most votes against the administration this term were Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, each opposing the administration in 71 percent of the cases. Justice Sonia Sotomayor isn’t far behind, voting against the administration 67 percent of the time. Who voted the most with the administration? Justices Clarence Thomas and Anthony Kennedy, who each sided with the administration more often than not (in 52 percent of the cases). A closer look at this term’s lineup suggests a reason: The administration was far more conservative on criminal justice issues than the Supreme Court was..."

Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, superheroes and a surprise last second cameo.

Wait for it...

Sidekicks - Full Clip Feat. Anne Hathaway - YouTube: "Joseph Gordon-Levitt is joined by Anne Hathaway and Brian & Nick from BriTANick, who guest star in a short film about a pair of sidekicks struggling to emerge from the shadow of their superheroes. "

"Nothing worse than a monster who thinks he’s right with God." - Mal


finishing school — Why is the “historical realism” thing always rape?: "A couple weeks ago The Mary Sue announced they weren’t going to cover “Game of Thrones” any more after yet another female character being brutally raped. The thread is still being invaded by trolls periodically, and there are more than 12,000 comments on the article, which is a site record and probably an internet record. (12K comments because a single website said “We’re not going to recap or promote this show any more.” Baffling.)"

"With... history turning against them, Jessica Williams commemorates the anti-gay protesters who will soon become irrelevant."

"Hardware, aisle twelve. Shop smart: shop S-Mart!"

And so it begins. "U.S. company challenges Japan to a giant-robot battle."

Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources: "After introducing the MegaBot Mark II, “America’s first fully functional giant piloted robot,” there was really only one thing left for MegaBots Inc. to do:  Challenge Japan to a giant-robot battle. Seriously, if you had a mecha what would you do? Build public-works projects? Hell no, you’d fight other robots! For America! To that end, the gang at MegaBots, whose sole purpose is to create giant piloted fighting robots, has released the most patriotic video you’ll see this week (yes, I know it’s Fourth of July weekend), throwing down the gauntlet to Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industry, which has its own fully functional mecha."

'NY Times: "Add green peas to your guacamole." Entire Internet: "Fuck you."'

Blasphemy.  via Boing Boing:


7/2 - deadlifts, press, bench, squats, chins, pushups

Deload/light/travel week, all main lifts today while I can...