Monday, May 23, 2016

"We're creating a world of dummies. Angry dummies..."

"...who feel they have the right, the authority and the need not only to comment on everything, but to make sure their voice is heard above the rest, and to drag down any opposing views through personal attacks, loud repetition and confrontation." - The cult of ignorance in the United States: Anti-intellectualism and the "dumbing down" of America

"[Catholic school] gave me the tools to reject the very religion they wanted me to have." - George Carlin

 "They taught me how to think for myself and to be independent."

“Pick on someone your own caliber.”

‘Armed queers don’t get bashed’ / LGBTQ Nation: "The Pink Pistols’ homepage states it succinctly: “We teach queers to shoot. Then we teach others that we have done so.” Their motto: “Pick on someone your own caliber.” The group, which advocates for gay Americans to carry firearms, just won a major victory on Tuesday: a federal judge in Washington halted enforcement of a portion of the city’s strict gun law, ordering Washington DC police to stop requiring residents to demonstrate they have “a good reason to fear injury,” which he ruled places “an unconstitutional burden” on citizens’ right to bear arms. 

 The Pink Pistols challenged the city’s requirement that a person who wants to carry a concealed handgun outside the home show he or she has a “good reason to fear injury to his or her person or property” or another “proper reason” for carrying the weapon. U.S. District Court Judge Richard J. Leon characterized the city’s law as an “understandable, but overly zealous, desire to restrict the right to carry in public a firearm for self-defense to the smallest possible number of law-abiding, responsible” citizens. Charles Cooper, an attorney representing the shooting group, said Tuesday he was “really gratified” by the ruling."

"Man built civilization, turned to Woman: "Look what I made for you!" She replied, "That's nice. Now what?""

Hawaiian libertarian: Counter-Intelligence Ops in the MindWar: "[She] can't help but feel like she's missing out on what our regularly scheduled programming tells her she's giving up, by being a stay-at-home mom and dedicated wife to her husband. It is during conversations like these that I try my hand at "slipping the red pill into her drink," and I get to expound on the topic of opportunity costs for career moms. I play the devil's advocate against this devilish society and it's cursed whispers of temptations for women to fall prey to envy, greed, ingratitude and manufactured discontent in the pursuit of HAVING IT ALL...

There are far more important things she is building up and creating, rather than being just another human resource for the corporate borg and an All-American debt serf. When she complains about having to cook and clean all the time, I point out how healthy she and her family are. How most other children of her peerage are ill behaved, overweight and/or sickly, while her well-fed family is thriving...

I often remind her of how cooking for family is one of the strongest bonds parents and grand parents create with their relations. As I've sat at the dinner table of her grandparents when she was young and shared the meals her Grandmother used to cook from scratch, I can bring up her favorite meals she used to enjoy and how they give her fond memories of her Grandmother who passed away years ago. When I point out to her that all of her efforts at daily cooking is now giving her own child the same fond memories and experiences she had, she can't help but smile and I can see the manufactured discontent that is the plague of our modern zeitgeist drain from her eyes. 

When she is upset that she never has "time for herself" I tell her to look at her growing child and enjoy what she has, for all the other young mother's that work a 9-5, don't have time for themselves either. Their time is their bosses, their jobs and their corporate companies who dictate their life's hectic schedules...

When I say to her, "Why would you want to be anywhere else?" she concedes the point and brightens up a bit. She often feels like she's losing out on a chance for education to "become somebody," I point out to her that most women her age, take on massive loans to attend college to attain credentials (a piece of paper!) that they will then have to pay for, for the rest of their working lives. I point out that their children are being raised by minimum wage workers and they never really bond with their parents (at least not like how her own child is very close to her) because they spend most of their waking lives with people who are not family...

The glamor of credential-certified achievement and consumerist-driven careerism and all of the material amenities and technological luxuries and distractions that are a part of our present existence, are all false promises of illusory happiness. In the end, none of it matters if the pursuit of such things come at the cost of that which should be most precious to us - our families and close relationships with others...

Hawaiian libertarian: Gaming the Curse of Eve: "Man built civilization, turned to his Woman and said: "Look what I made for you!" She replied, "That's what?" The "red-pill" woman takes frequent moments to step back and observe all that her husband does for her and their family, and she appreciates it and expresses it to him with her words and her actions. But even the best of them will admit that doing so is a constant struggle to avoid taking their husbands for granted.

This is one of the reasons why unaware, "blue-pill" husbands are utterly destroyed when their wives give them the Eat-Pray-Love frivorce experience. From his blithely unaware perspective, he has a catalog of things he's done over the course of years stored up in his own mental ledger. An accounting of all that he has done, built and sacrificed for their her benefit. He assumes she knows the score, even if she doesn't often express gratitude and appreciation for it. These are the men who are emotionally and mentally devastated to find out she gives all of that previous provisioning, support and stability absolutely zero consideration, while she's explaining to him that she's not haaaaappppy. A good provider is dependable. Dependability quickly and easily becomes routine. Routine for men is comfort. Routine for women is boooooorrrrrrring, and after enough time has passed in a routine, dependable existence, Eve's Curse kicks in and she no longer notices nor accounts for all that she already recieves in benefit from being married to him. She starts to focus on what she still wants but doesn't have or can't have. A husband's comfortable routine becomes the wife's greatest discomfort...

I remember when I was a young Husband just starting to earn decent money after getting my first "real job" after college graduation. We began eating out at restaurants almost daily, with dinner and movies (either at the theatre or a DVD at home), becoming a regular, nearly every weekend routine. Eventually, the complaints that we "never do anything anymore" began to frequently rumble from her discontented id. It got to the point where taking her to the best restaurants in town was not enough to stave off this building discontent...

Now that I've gone "Paleo" for the past 5 years or so, eating out at restaurants is something done rarely once every other month or so. To this day, whenever I issue an unexpected "Get ready, let's go out to eat," invitation, it is cause for excitement and anticipation in the Galt household....and it doesn't have to even be a nice restaurant. A cheap noodle house or plate lunch meal is gratefully appreciated and a cherished, delightful experience. Of course, there's a flip side of that coin. Part of the transition to the paleo paradigm of eating, was to embrace cooking on a daily basis. I now cook 50% of all the family meals. When I first took this up, she was impressed and full of praise, compliments and gratitude whenever I labored to create a tasty and nutrient dense culinary dish in our kitchen. But here we are five years later, and my efforts at creating unique and distinct meals with the highest quality ingredients, is largely now taken for granted. Now, it doesn't bother me..."

Sunday, May 22, 2016

"It’s not a sin to know that there is no such thing as sin." #SundayFunday

How to be happy and create personal meaning in a fundamentally uncaring and meaningless universe « Random Xpat Rantings: "Truth and meaning are very often at odds. Chances are, if you have meaning in your life, either you realize that it is manufactured and you believe it in the same way that you believe in a dream, (exactly like believing in love merely because it’s fun to do and why not?), or you compartmentalize facts so that they can’t rub up against each other in contradiction to your “real” meaning...

Morals and justice and equality and true love and each and every thing that you could ever hold dear are evolved responses.  It is not real outside of your head.  That’s fine.  It’s fine to have these thoughts, and to believe in the dreams we have, if they make us happy. But if you also want to manipulate reality, it’s best to also realize and make peace with nihilism.  It’s not as scary as people assume.  It just takes several decades of constant adjustment.  We can watch and get off on the movie, and at the same time know it’s a movie, and delight in why each aspect of the movie moves us.  We can understand that our responses are evolved.  It’s not a sin to know that there is no such thing as sin.  And it’s human to behave humanely, even knowing there is no sin.  We are evolved to be happy acting as if there were; we are evolved to get pleasure by contributing socially. That’s not a bad deal. No afterlife and no god is not any sort of let down.  This mystery is a pretty good deal, for whatever it’s worth, or not worth."

I understand Seasonal Affective Disorder now.

We declare this May the worst EVER for D.C. weather - The Washington Post: "It is almost always cooler than it should be… It has yet to hit 80 degrees, joining just four years without such a day this deep into the month: 1893, 1917, 1935, and 1989. It has reached 70 degrees (or higher) just five times, tied for fourth fewest on record month-to-date. Four days (including today) have had highs only in the 50s, tied for seventh most on record month-to-date."

Friday, May 20, 2016


5/20 - squats, situps, speedbag, stretch
5/19 - bench, db rows, pushdowns, facepulls, curls, stretch

Hideaki Inabi Forums: "...winning 17 world championships IPF-more then any other lifter- only losing once because of injury. He would of had 18 consecutive world championship wins if not for the shoulder injury which caused him to lose a year. 535 squat 525 deadlift 265 bench best total was about 1300-1297 or so to be exact- all raw at 114 lbs. First man ever to do 4x bodyweight squat, also first man to total 10x bodyweight. How did such a champion train? "ideaki trained alone and in his backyard. He had a basic setup consisting of a Squat Rack ( no cage) wooden homemade platform, bench, bar and weights- and only one bar, no special bars for squats etc. He did a lot of half squats with the then stupendous weight of 600 ( no spotters) at 114 ( about 3-4 inches above) , a Lot of Deep Regular Squats and Deadlifts.His Bench was never that good- he managed 100 kilos a few times but after a shoulder injury he benched under 200 lbs , but always had a huge pull (500+) to win.When Chuck Dunbar upset him, Chuckie was at his best but Hideaki had a bum shoulder. Funny thing- after the Worlds ( the IPF Worlds the only game in town then) in November, he took about 3 months totally off- one reason was it was too cold to train outside in the area of Japan that he lived in, and he felt his body needed the break. Can't argue with results! His diet was basic Japanese- sashimi, sushi, rice, etc. Nothing fancy on his training template- 3 days per week, hard and heavy. Banzai! " Nothing beats the basics."

"Clinton’s team continues to churn out anti-Trump hit pieces that ask you to imagine President Trump in office."

Evaluating the Political Chess Board | Scott Adams Blog: "By November, voters will think Trump has been running the country for a year and it looked a lot like the Obama administration. That’s called “graduated exposure” and it’s a well-understood psychological phenomenon. The Democrats are working overtime to make Trump feel less scary while believing they are doing the opposite...

Meanwhile, Clinton is losing one primary after another to a dehydrated dandelion in her own party. That doesn’t bode well for the coming cage fight with Godzilla. And Godzilla hasn’t even started to punch hard. He’s still looking at the opposition research and humming. So that’s coming."

Donald Trump will win in a landslide. *The mind behind ‘Dilbert’ explains why. - The Washington Post: "Writes Adams: “Identity is always the strongest level of persuasion. The only way to beat it is with dirty tricks or a stronger identity play. … [And] Trump is well on his way to owning the identities of American, Alpha Males, and Women Who Like Alpha Males. Clinton is well on her way to owning the identities of angry women, beta males, immigrants, and disenfranchised minorities. “If this were poker, which hand looks stronger to you for a national election?”"

"Hate. Love."