Thursday, May 06, 2021

"Age 14 at midnight I hear voices from the kitchen..."

"I let my feet follow the sound as I let my ears listen
I walk upstairs and at the kitchen table I can see
That God is sitting with the Devil, sharing drinks and old stories
The floorboard creaks
A red embarrassment floods all throughout God's face
He swears that it's not what it looks like
Then he swears he can explain
The Devil speaks,
"Your God and I put all our
Differences to rest Now man's actions are his own
But man will blame us nonetheless"
The Devil stands
He grabs his keys and straightens out a rusted crown
He tells me, "Hell is frozen over
Heaven burned down to the ground
And you have only got one life
So do with it what you would like
We solemnly apologize but we won't be there when you die"
And I stand cold and alone
In a body that won't move
Watching the eyes of these gods that I once knew
One pair looks down in a half-hearted lie while
The other looks straight into mine with a whole truth
Lacking the fear I've been told that God deserves
I say, "What good is a prayer that goes unheard"
He says, "What hope could they find in a book
If the book doesn't sell and the pages stay unturned"
And with a wink, the Devil turns and exits the back door
And God is standing there in silence with his eyes glued to the floor
But then he speaks
"I am no savior but I give them what they need
And there has never been a dreamer who prefers reality
The war for truth is raging on but it's not one you have to fight
And if it is the truth you want, then it is hope you'll sacrifice
It's yours to choose
And you can choose
This is not the way I am, this is just how I was raised
So let me make up my own mind, let me map out my own way
And to the parents of the kids with tongues down in their throats
Because of tears that you will cry
If they don't stick to what they know
I'm sure you're giving it your best
And I am sure it takes a toll
But whether God given or not
Our lives are not to be controlled
Just let us choose"


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