Friday, June 16, 2017

"Choker Necklaces Trend Offensive to Switzerland."

I, for one, wholly endorse the return of 90's fashion.  The ripped up jeans are a nice surprise as well.  High waisted jeans and shorts, otoh, are an abomination before the Lord, and should all be killed with fire.

College Student: Choker Necklaces Trend Offensive to Switzerland | National Review: "If we have to do research on the cultural legacy of every item we wear, we’ll never get dressed. According to a Western European student at the University of Washington, the choker-necklace trend in the U.S. is cultural appropriation, and girls should learn the history of the necklaces before wearing them.  In a piece for the school’s newspaper, The Daily, Joy Geerkens writes that she’s been seeing Americans disrespect the the cultural traditions of her “home countries,” Switzerland and Germany, since she left them for the United States last year . . . by doing things like wearing chokers without knowing that chokers are “part of traditional dress of Switzerland.”  “The history behind [chokers] is really complex and fascinating; women used to wear them because the severe iodine deficiency in the high altitudes of the Alps would cause them to have goiters,” Geerkens writes. “In order to hide these lumps or the scars they would receive from having them removed, they adorned their necks with chokers.”"

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