Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trump - "Is he a racist or a con man?"

The map is not the territory.  Reality tunnels abound.  Con Man or Hitler? | Scott Adams' Blog: "Now things get interesting, because… The anti-Trumpers have two conflicting mental models of Trump now. Is he a racist or a con man? If Trump is a racist, then his opponents have to explain why being kind to immigrants in this country (his new softened stance), along with his outreach to African-Americans, fits the racist model. If they try to make the new facts fit the old model, they look ridiculous. And that’s what several of the pundits did. They went straight to ridiculous and discredited themselves. The alternative to maintaining the view that Trump is a racist is the idea that he has been conning the public since the start. Under that mental model, Trump has never been a racist, but he played one on TV to win votes in the GOP primaries. Now his true character is coming out. But wait…that’s a problem.  If he’s really just a con man after all – and not a racist – the left loses its best scare-persuasion. Racists are scary, but con men are not. We’re all conning each other all the time – also known as branding, selling, and negotiating – so conning doesn’t sound so scary. It sounds somewhat normal, especially for a politician. You say Trump lied to get some votes in the primaries? Snore. They all lied. He just did it better."

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