Monday, August 15, 2016

Training - "Structured discipline is your magic ticket to long-term success."

8/15 - bench, bw rows, pushups, bridge, speedbag, stretch
8/14 - stretch
8/13 - stretch
8/12 - power cleans, deadlifts, situps, backxt, stretch
8/11 - stretch
8/10 - press, chins, dips, pike pushups, speed bag, stretch

Question and Answer: Instagram – Jim Wendler: "Trust the program and understand that there is bad days, good days and a lot of average days. He who perseveres, wins."

Question and Answer: Instagram – Jim Wendler: "N.O.V. is more of people shutting off the static and noise of this industry, not basing their training decisions on the fear-mongering and personal hatred disguised-as-motivation that plagues many “experts”. You eat, you train and you do things in a logical manner with a tremendous effort. And then you go do other shit in your life that is based on same principles: Action, not reaction"

Motivation: You’re Doing It Wrong. | Nerd Fitness: "So, the next time you are motivated, don’t use that motivation to JUST do the activity you are fired up to try. Instead, use that motivation build permanent systems that make you stay in the action zone longer. Long term, non-fleeting stability.  How does this work?  STRUCTURED DISCIPLINE! Mic drop...

Structured discipline is your magic ticket to long-term success. The more discipline you have, the less reliant you’ll be on another dose of motivation to take action.  In short: “F*** motivation, cultivate discipline.” Motivation is going to promise you things, and then leave you when you need it most. When you can capitalize on that motivation by lowing the amount of inertia you have to overcome to take action every day, the more likely you’ll be to succeed."

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