Friday, July 08, 2016


7/8 - press, chins, pushdowns, plate raise, speedbag, shadobox, stretch
7/5 - bench, chins, seated row, rear delt fly, backxt
7/2 - treadmill, stretch
7/1 - treadmill, press, chins, tricep dips, stretch

Whatever happened to ... bodybuilder Lynn Conkwright? | Other Sports | "As a fledgling teacher at First Colonial High, Lynn Conkwright started the Conditioning Club. Intent on encouraging students who didn't play sports to eat right and get in shape, she organized after-school activities focused on running, jumping rope, biking, weight lifting and nutrition. That was almost 40 years ago, just before Conkwright began transforming her own physique into a marvel of symmetrical muscularity, building up her back, legs, arms and abdomen in preparation for entering the world of professional bodybuilding. Entering it … and taking it by storm."
Whatever happened to ... bodybuilder Lynn Conkwright? | Other Sports | "Conkwright became a celebrity in international bodybuilding in her mid-20s after winning the 1981 Pro World championships in both the individual and couples divisions. The victories and her subsequent appearances in six Ms. Olympia contests transformed the petite P.E. teacher from Virginia Beach into a global ambassador for women's bodybuilding. "Unlike what bodybuilding is today," she says, "they considered me the representative of something any woman could achieve." What made her unique was that, at only 5 feet, 110 pounds, she defied stereotypes. Her figure was perfectly balanced; her muscles spectacularly defined, but not bulky. "

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