Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Shark habits are the ultimate in “Do This.” For anything that can be done swiftly, DO IT NOW. One bite."

Dan John: Shark Habits - On Target Publications: "In 1977, at our first team meeting with the Utah State University track and field team, Coach Ralph Maughan outlined a few things that continue to shape my life.  At the time, he was addressing state and national champions and one Olympian... “Make yourself a slave to good habits.” 

...Most people are blind to their habits. I was talking with my friend, Cameron, and she noted on a recent international trip she was surprised how often she had music on at home. She woke up to music, dressed to music, drove to music and worked to music. On this trip, she had no music. In the hotel, she couldn’t just flip the switch or tune to her favorite stations. The lack of noise is what caught her attention. She was so used to having the background noise, she never noticed until there was quiet! Most people have habits. Lots of them. The television is on during meals, the radio is playing in the car and the route to most places is so ingrained we don’t even notice these as habits. Add a construction reroute and the whole day might take on a new meaning. Reaching for a snack: habit. Mindlessly staying up for another lousy comedy: habit. Surfing the web endlessly: habit. Checking social media at a restaurant: habit. The bulk of your life is habit."

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