Friday, June 10, 2016

"I support your inalienable right to say really stupid, offensive shit."

Tony gets it.  Anthony Bourdain: "I support your inalienable right to say really stupid, offensive shit." - Hit & Run : "Interviewer Lisa Granatstein asked the host of CNN's Parts Unknown the not entirely accurate two-part question, "How about government getting involved in where and how we eat? Mayor Bill de Blasio called on New Yorkers to boycott Chick-fil-A given the owner's anti-LGBT views." 

...Responding to Granatstein's question, he said: 
Are we looking for nice people to run our companies? We're going to be looking pretty hard. I'm not going to go eat at that restaurant or I'm not going to patronize that business because I don't like what they institutionally support—I don't like the chairman of the board, I don't like who created the company, whatever. There's a whole lot of reasons to just make a personal decision and not go eat at a business and give them your money. I come from a restaurant business where you're lucky if the guy working next to you isn't like an armed robber. I support your inalienable right to say really stupid, offensive shit and believe really stupid, offensive shit that I don't agree with. I support that, and I might even eat your chicken sandwich."

Anthony Bourdain on Food Porn, YouTube Stars and His Intolerance of Gluten-Free Diets | Adweek: "Look, I didn't want to offend New Mexico because I like the state. It didn't cost me anything to backpedal a little bit [laughs] or explain myself. But ordinarily, my attitude would be, fuck 'em...

I don't drink the best beer in the world on the show. It's a problem that comes up a lot actually. The angriest mail I get is from beer nerds—people who are craft beer enthusiasts and see me drinking a cold, available beer from a mass production and they get really cranky with me, and they assume that I'm plugging it or something. In fact, I just like cold beer, and my standards rise and fall depending on access to cold beer."

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